“Al Rihla” to the “AL HILM” – A technology transformation journey for a soccer ball.

FIFA has introduced the AL HILM the official ball to be used in the semi-final and final of the Qatar FIFA World cup 2022. The new ball will replace the existing model, Which has been used throughout the tournament so far. AL HILM which translates as “THE DREAM” in Arabic. The ball has a Gold based design with triangular patterns on it. AL HILM builds with IMU Sensors which will assist officials in making accurate off-side decisions during the game. Both balls were designed and developed by Adidas which is a well-known name in sports technology and innovation.

AL HILM is the most environment-friendly football that has ever been built and used in soccer. It is made using only water-based Inks and glues. The ‘AL HILM’ will replace the ‘Al Rihla’ Which was used in the knockout round and means ‘the journey in Arabic.

The football used in this FIFA world cup 2022 is loaded with new connect ball technology and sensors that transmit data. The ball can record every touch and officials can use it in making the decision for offside. In the center of the ball was installed a data suspension system. It keeps the motion sensor firmly in one place, without affecting how the ball feels to the players. With the consent streams of data, the Human referee should be able to make a more accurate call than ever before 

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