Dip in Pollution in Delhi – lift of the ban on Diesel Vehicle in Delhi

After the marginal air quality improved in Delhi, the ban on non-BS 6 diesel vehicles has been and diesel vehicles are now allowed in Delhi. 

There is marginal improvement in air quality, which is about 339 air quality index, or AQI dropped from 381. It was 447 on Friday, according to the Central Pollution Control Board. But the quality of air is still poor which can lead to respiratory problems, after prolonged exposure. In Delhi Schools, the primary classes will remain shut till 8th November and outdoor activities are restricted till then. The ban on non-essential construction activities and closing brick kilns will remain till further notice.

Earlier the air quality in Delhi remained in the ‘severe’ category till November 6. As air quality improves, Center lifts Stage IV measures under GRAP. 

GRAP stage IV is a stage of disruptive restrictions that impacts a large number of stakeholders and the public at large. As per the data from the Indian Agricultural Research Organisation, the number of farm fires in Punjab dropped sharply to 599 from 2,817 a day ago.

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