Twitter will remove the blue tick from accounts

From April 1, Twitter will remove the blue tick from accounts that have not subscribed to Twitter Blue.

Twitter has announced that legacy verified accounts that have not paid for the Twitter Blue subscription will be removed from the platform beginning in April. This means that journalists, celebrities, and politicians who did not pay for the Blue Tick will soon lose it. Several people wished to be verified on the social media website. Nevertheless, after taking over the company, Elon Musk has made the Blue Tick more about business than credibility. Formerly, the Blue Tick could only be obtained by people of refute, but now anyone with money or willing to buy money can be verified on Twitter.

“We will begin shutting down our legacy verified program and eliminating old verified check marks on April 1st.” Anyone can join up for Twitter Blue to preserve their blue checkmark on Twitter, “ Twitter posted from its official handle. Twitter, on the other hand, has not stated how it would handle accounts with “notable” mentions. Since taking control, Musk has been opposed to noteworthy persons receiving the Blue Tick. He stated in December that the verification badges would be removed because “the manner in which they were distributed was corrupt and nonsensical.”

Since then, some users who had a verified account prior to Elon Musk’s takeover have seen a pop-up when they press on their checkmark. “This is a heritage verified account,” it states. It may or may not be noteworthy.” For some users, though, the notice reads, “This account has been verified because it is notable in government, news, entertainment, or another designated category.”

Prior to Musk’s acquisition, checkmarks were used to verify persons and entities as active, authentic, and prominent accounts of interest. These checkmarks were provided at no cost and were intended to indicate that the account was legitimate rather than a fraudulent or spam account. After further verification, the blue tick was awarded. This aided users in identifying and following legitimate accounts of public figures, celebrities, and businesses.

Today, however, verification does not imply the same thing, and users can purchase a blue checkmark emblem via the Twitter Blue subscription model. This subscription service costs $8 per month for online users, but $11 per month for iOS and Android users due to app store fees. Twitter now sells additional checkmark colors and badges to indicate whether an account is a corporation or a government, among other distinctions.

The purchase of a checkmark badge, according to Twitter, grants users access to subscriber-only features such as fewer adverts on their timeline, preferential ranking in discussions, bookmark folders, and the ability to construct long tweets, edit tweets, and undo tweets. In other words, users who pay for the Twitter Blue membership service and the related badge can obtain advantages and services that other users do not have access to.

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