Indian cuisine placed 5th position in the list of the world's best cuisine 2022

Indian cuisine placed 5th position in the list of the world’s best cuisine 2022

Indians are fond of taste and food. As we know, India is a country of diversity. Each state has its food and culture. It proudly noticed that one of the Indian Cuisines, Sahi Paneer, a Mughlai food that is made up of paneer, tomatoes, and chesew paste, got among the top 50 traditional dishes and received ranked 5th in the list of the world’s best cuisine. Audience rating of ingredients, food, and beverages declared the ranking. Above all, Italian cuisine got the top position followed by Greek, Spanish, and Japanese respectively. Indian cuisine got 4.54 points out of 5-star ratings. It has 460 items on the list. Many other countries like the United States, China, Brazil, Poland, Germany, Indonesia, Argentina, South Korea, Vietnam, Hungary, Bangladesh, and many more are on the list. Pakistan, France, and the US also come under the top 10 cuisine list. Most of the masses are fond of Chinese even this China got 11 on the rank in top cuisine of the world list. Everyone’s eyes are on the internet to discover the dishes.

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