Know Which Indians to attend King Charles’ Coronation

Know Which Indians to attend King Charles’ Coronation

King Charles III’s coronation ceremony will be held in London today. Among the other invitees, Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar and actor Sonam Kapoor are the Indian Invitees.

The ceremony is scheduled to be held at Westminster Abbey and it will be hosted by heads of state and governments. Along with foreign dignitaries, this royal ceremony will be held after 70 years. Last it was held at the crowning ceremony of the monarch’s mother Elizabeth as a queen.

Mr. Dhankhar Is assigned to officially represent India and for that, he reached London yesterday along with his wife Sudesh Dhankar to attend the royal event.

Reports suggest that Sonam Kapoor will deliver a speech while introducing the Commonwealth virtual choir. Two Dabbawalas are also invited from Mumbai to attend the ceremony and will represent their fraternity. The king will be gifted a Puneri turban and a shawl that is made by the Wakari community.

Charles had met these delivery men in 2003 while he visited Mumbai in India. The dabbawalas were also present at Charles’ wedding with Camilla Parker Bowles.

The King was involved in several charity initiatives because of which several community workers from India including a consultant and a chef are also invited. A Pune-born 37-year-old architect named Sourabh Phadke a graduate of Charles’ Foundation’s Building Craft Programme is also invited. Phadhke has also studied at the Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts.

A Delhi-based woman, Gulfsha’s name is also on the list. Last year, she was awarded the Prince’s Trust Global Award and she works in a consultancy firm. According to Buckingham Palace, she is supposed to provide estimates related to the construction projects.

Last May, Jay Patel who is an Indian-origin Canada-based citizen completed the Prince’s Trust Canada’s Youth Employment Program and is an invitee too. The Palace said that he was appointed as a chef at the CN Tower in Toronto.

At the coronation ceremony, Indian origin Prime minister of Britain Rishi Sunak is made responsible to recite from the biblical book of Colossians. Along with his wife Akshata Murty is responsible for leading the procession of flag-bearers. During the ceremony, some of the peers of Rishi Sunak will represent the different faiths like Lord Indrajit Singh; Sikh faith, and Lord Syed Kamall of Indo-Guyanese heritage: Muslim faith.

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