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Twitter makes changes to direct messaging settings to cut down on spam, even from verified users

Indirect messages (DMs) on Twitter have a spam problem, which Twitter has acknowledged. The default DM option has changed as a result, according to the company. The “Message request” area will now receive messages from users you don’t follow. Your primary inbox will be automatically sorted with direct messages from people you follow. Additionally, if you’re not following them, messages from verified users with a Twitter Blue subscription will also be added to the “Message request” section. This is a change from the prior configuration.

According to Twitter, the new setting is active and will help lessen spam in inboxes. The company tweets, “We’re adding a new messaging setting that should help minimize the volume of spam messages in DMs starting as soon as July 14th. When the new setting is activated, messages from verified people who you don’t follow will be delivered to your message request inbox while messages from users you follow will go into your primary inbox. Users whose permissions were previously set to permit message requests from anyone will be transferred to this new setting, although they can change them back at any time.

Twitter’s DMs FAQ page has also been modified. Users can return to their previous Twitter DM configuration if they prefer, as stated in the message. Open your inbox on the desktop version, locate the settings menu (gear icon) at the upper right, and select “allow messages from people you follow,” “allow message requests from only verified users,” or “allow message requests from everyone” from the drop-down menu. The option to display read receipts is also available. The Twitter app on iOS or Android may be customized using the same approach.

The automated sorting of messages into the “message requests” area may not always be advantageous, even though the updated setting has benefits for some users. DMs can be a useful tool for fostering business prospects, including meeting potential clients and enhancing our social networks. By engaging with frequent users, they also play a significant role for journalists looking for quotes and stories.

However, many people will view giving users more options to pick from as a smart move. As Twitter tightens its belt in response to the criticism it is receiving from Threads by Meta, this minor addition might also appease users. Mark Zuckerberg, a co-founder of Meta, recently revealed that Threads received 100 million sign-ups in just 72 hours after going live. Since Threads is essentially an extension of Instagram, which has more than 1 billion users, more users might sign up for the platform.

Additionally, Twitter is making every effort to draw in and keep people. The business recently modified its rules to allow users to get paid for their tweets. Enrolling in the ad income-sharing program might be accomplished.

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