WhatsApp will allow you to use it on different devices.

WhatsApp is getting a long-awaited update that will allow you to use it on different devices

Whatsapp is finally delivering one of its most requested features: the ability to sign into the same account on numerous phones. Previously, if you were signed into WhatsApp on one phone and wanted to log into another, you’d be signed out of the first. There were alternatives, such as using WhatsApp Web to sign in to WhatsApp without being logged out of the mobile app, but the experience was substandard.

Thankfully, Meta has announced (opens in a new tab) that the software will now allow you to sign into your account on various cell phones. Best of all, even if you enable the new multi-device functionality, you will still be able to use WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption on private conversations, and you will be able to share your account across Android and iOS phones.

There are numerous reasons why you would wish to use WhatsApp on different devices. Businesses that use the app to communicate with clients may wish to let various employees access the account across multiple devices, or you may own multiple phones (a business phone and your home mobile) and want to move between them effortlessly. This update should be arriving shortly, with Meta stating that it will be available to everyone in the coming weeks.

How to use WhatsApp on multiple devices

To use the new function, you must first set up WhatsApp on one smartphone and then download the software on a second device. When you launch the app and begin the setup procedure, instead of entering your phone number and other information, you must tap ‘Link to existing account’. This will produce a QR code. Open WhatsApp’s settings on your original handset and select the Link a device option. Scanning the QR code should result in you being logged in on both phones.

The only thing to keep in mind is that the phone you used to sign up for WhatsApp will be regarded as your primary device. You won’t need to keep it turned on or near your other devices for them to get messages, as with a smartwatch, but if you don’t use WhatsApp on the primary device at least once every 14 days, you will be logged out on your secondary device or devices. This new multi-device capability joins a raft of other useful WhatsApp additions introduced this year, such as lengthier group chat names and WhatsApp contact editing.

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