Which team will qualify for next if ends with the same points | Tiebreaker rules in FIFA World Cup

The group round is almost near to finish of FIFA 2022. Now the canvas is very much clear for the round of sixteen. The group qualifier will compete with each other in the next round for the quarter-final position. 

But in Group A, the point table calculation for the next round is not as simple as compared to the other group. As the situation. Netherlands and Ecuador are both on four points after two matches and need only a point each to confirm a spot in the knockout round. However, Senegal could also go through to the next round with just a draw. 

Here are the various scenarios and tiebreaker rules if two teams in a Group finish with the same points.
  • Higher goal difference. 
  • The higher number of goals scored by the team.
  • One-to-one record in the tournament.  

If the above criteria are not able to separate two teams, then the fair play criterion comes into the picture. The team with the higher conduct score which is related to the number of yellow and red cards obtained goes to the quarter-final round.

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