Yamuna river update

Yamuna water: Recent update in Delhi

The River Yamuna showed signs of calmness as the water started receding at the Old Railway Bridge. Amid the receding water level, the Yamuna River recorded a level of 207.62 meters which is still above the danger level. At the water level of the river, Yamuna was at 207.53 meters at 9 am today.

At 10 am people got a big relief as the recorded water level was 207.48 meters which is below the recorded mark of 1978. The water from Yamuna has stopped entering the city as the level reached below 208 meters. The waterlogging in Delhi is because of the stagnant water that entered due to floods in low-lying areas.

There are areas like ITO, Shanti Van area, and the Income Tax office including many areas that are still flooded since the morning after the water levels at the Yamuna River rose to a higher level earlier this week. The Arterial road at ITO Delhi is still water-logged.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal warned the people that playing in the flood water could be “fatal” so it should be avoided after a video went viral of children playing in the flood waters of Delhi’s Shanti Van area.

At 11 pm on Friday, the water level of Yamuna was recorded at 207.98 metres. The Okhla water treatment plant was shut down due to water logging but was opened on Thursday as the water level was reduced. Due to waterlogging issues, several roads in Delhi were affected. The Delhi government authorities have closed the schools, colleges, crematoriums and water treatment plants.
Arvind Kejriwal stated that the other two water plants at Wazirabad and Chandrawal will be opened once the water level of Yamuna declined to 207.7 meters will Saturday morning.

More Rain prediction

IMD has predicted moderate rain and thunderstorm in Delhi for Saturday and had issued a “yellow alert”. The problems and crises in Delhi will not easily get over.

Delhi will see a cloudy sky with light to moderate rainfall according to the regional metrological centre.

The yellow alert is an indication of bad weather conditions that might hamper daily activities. The rains may again be the reason for the rise in water level in Yamuna which is 205.33 metres. This level is considered to be above the danger level mark.

The IMD mentioned that the maximum temperature in Delhi will be recorded around 33 degrees Celcius.

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