Mark Zuckerberg has just updated Instagram Threads

Mark Zuckerberg has just updated Instagram Threads with functionality similar to Twitter

Everyone was raving earlier this month about Meta’s Threads, a new social networking program that was being considered a rival to Elon Musk’s Twitter. When Mark Zuckerberg first revealed Threads, Twitter users were displeased with the micro-blogging service for imposing a rate limit and preventing people without a Twitter account from viewing tweets. Five days after its debut, Threads reportedly attracted more than 100 million sign-ups. Since then, the program has seen a few more changes, and the most recent one will make you think of Twitter. The Following and For You streams are also being introduced by Threads, just like Elon Musk’s social networking site.

The Following feed and For You feed are the two feed options you get when you sign in to Twitter (formerly called X). The For You feed will display tweets based on your interests, unlike the Following feed, which only displays tweets from the accounts you follow. Similar to this, Threads will separate your feeds into the Following and For You sections. Only a small number of people currently have access to the feature, but more are likely to do so in the future.

You can now choose between two choices when seeing posts from other profiles in your Threads feed. You will see a version of your Threads feed that combines postings from accounts you have chosen to follow and suggestions from other users. According to the company, Following will only display posts in chronological order from people you follow. The upgrade was also disclosed by Mark Zuckerberg in a Threads post while responding to a user. In response to a user’s request for a Following tab, the CEO of Meta said, “Ask and you shall receive.”

In addition to this, Threads is also making the Translations tool available. As a result, the Threads postings in a user’s feed will automatically translate based on the language they were written in and the viewer’s language preferences. As a result, to see a translation of a post or reply in your language, if you encounter a thread in a different language and it is available, you can hit the translation button at the bottom right of the post or reply.

Speaking of additional features included in the update, your Activity feed will now include a few new categories that will allow you to filter by Follows, Quotes, and Reposts. In order to quickly follow other accounts back, there is now a Follow button on your followers list. Finally, you can now view the articles you’ve liked in your settings, and private accounts have the option to “approve all” follow requests simultaneously.

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