Project Magi – Wait for The Gift from Google

Project Magi – Wait for The Gift from Google

Google was the unputdownable king of the internet world for a long time. Since its inception, lots of websites have started but no one can replace or create little trouble in the heaven of Google. Recently, this dream world was shaken for the very first time with the advent of ChatGPT. The AI-generated chatbot helps people to find ready-made answers and people are diverting to this newly launched website instead of spending time and effort researching on Google.

Now it is time for Google to smash the ball that is in its court right now. As per the report by New York Times, Google is gearing up to change the search engine experience for everyone. As per the source, a team of 160 engineers is working continuously on Project Magi. Now this Magi holds gifts for us that only time will tell us.

Project Magi is the structure of the whole new search engine that will replace the existing Google platform.

Though not much information has been revealed yet, a few pieces of information are still floating. We will let you know here about it. The interface that Looks like Chat: Google aims to enhance the search experience by making it more conversational, akin to asking a knowledgeable person or using a smarter version of Alexa. This evolution in search involves real-time learning from the user’s queries, rather than just relying on past interactions, to deliver relevant and personalized results.

Unlike the outdated approach of displaying 10 search results per page, the emphasis now is on providing the right answer quickly. While this conversational approach may not apply to all search types, it represents the next progression from innovations like the knowledge graph. Furthermore, the significant change lies in Google’s ability to aid transactions.

Google will Add a Transaction Feature

We frequently find the most stylish pair of jeans or boots on Google and redirect to the website and purchase it from there. In the new update, Google is going to handle the transaction.
So, if you want to book a flight or buy a water bottle; you don’t have to go to the website you can simply do the process with just a click. Maybe, Google will show you the perfect fit of products as per your persona soon and you can buy them right away. From sizes to preferred colors; it will show you better results based on your preferences.
Google is already enabled by Google Pay. So, integrating the whole payment process on the platform is something you expect for sure.

What marketers can expect?

Now get into reality. Google is a business and to sustain it they need to make a profit. And for that ads will be there for sure.
However, it is expected that the way run will change in the coming days. You presently incur a cost per click when running ads. However, on your end, you calculate this as a cost per acquisition and then model it as a profit and loss statement. If the outcome is profitable, you may opt to invest more in obtaining additional clicks. Conversely, if it proves unprofitable, you may decrease the amount you’re willing to pay per click.

According to Neil Patel; “Google will end up shifting to a cost-per-acquisition model (eventually), which is my thesis. This makes it easy on the marketer’s end and it can create a better user experience.”

Moreover, even if your website is not exceptional, you can still generate revenue since everything is occurring on Google’s platform. In terms of search engine optimization (SEO), certain keywords will always attract visitors to your website.

In the past, if you wished to discover the weather, you had to visit a website like Nowadays, Google provides weather information directly to you. Despite modifications that might divert clicks away from your website, Google has continued to drive more traffic to websites overall.

Danny Sullivan said; “In reality, Google Search sends billions of clicks to websites every day, and we’ve sent more traffic to the open web every year since Google was first created.” After this update, it can be predicted that there will be a surge in traffic on Google and it may take away some of the parts of many leading websites.

For any query, now Google is generating a search result that consists of numerous websites. After the Project Magi update; Google will give you a ready-made answer that will save lots of time instead of the list of sites from where you can get the answers. Hopefully, we can see the invention of a new kind of SEO where you have to optimize your website for Project Magi that scours for products and services to present to the users.

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