10 Best Moments in Technology in 2022

10 Best Moments in Technology in 2022

Technologies are governing our lives as there is a rise in the use of social media, mobiles, and cloud computing. 2022 was an innovative year for technological advancements. There were so many innovations and breakthroughs that helped in transforming the business and society. Let’s have a look at the of the year 2022 in terms of “technological moments”:

  1. Computing power : There is a better cloud infrastructure and many businesses have re-platformed themselves to clouds. There was a push for better networks resulting in the rolling out of 5G and 6G is on the horizon. These networks have given more power to our mobiles, cars and even other wearable devices.
  2. Smarter Devices : The increase of computer power has enabled us to create smarter devices. Our televisions and autonomous cars have now become intelligent. We even have intelligent Robots to work along with humans to complete the work faster. And this momentum will be continued for more smarter devices and introduction of intelligent home robots.
  3. Quantum computing : It is the processing of information that is represented by a special quantum enabling the machines to handle information in fundamentally different ways from traditional computing systems. Quantum computing gave us the computing power that is trillion times more powerful than the advanced super computers. Quantum computers have changed our approach to problems like logistics, portfolio management and drug innovations.
  4. Datafication : The key enabler for all the trends are the data and information. With digitization there is an enormous amount of data available with us and has now become the number one business asset for every organisation. We can make use of the data in better understanding of the customers, research key trends, and get an insight of what is working for any organisation internally.
  5. Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning : Advanced AI capabilities are provided to the world by the organisations and researchers by using all their data and computing powers. One of the key trends in AI was machine vision. We have computers to see and recognise objects on a video or photograph. There were big advances in language processing making machines understand our voices and speak back to us. This year followed a low code or no code trend. AI is built using drag and drop graphical interfaces enabling the development of extraordinary applications irrespective of limited coding skills.
  6. Extended Reality : Our devices like phones and tablets have more  augmented reality(AR) capabilities and also, a craze for Virtual reality(VR).  We now have lighter and portable VR devices that connect to our phones and give us superior VR experiences while on the go. We don’t need devices that have clunky headsets that are required to be connected to the Wi-Fi. These advances in reality have led to incredible experiences in the metaverse which is referred to as a persistent, shared virtual world that users can access through different devices and platforms.
  7. Digital Trust : Blockchain technology, distributed ledgers, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are transforming our world. These innovations have gone beyond Bitcoin to things like smart contracts allowing us to verify ownerships with NFTs.  We can now see more companies and individuals are enhancing physical objects with blockchain technology and tokens.
  8. 3D Printing :  A decade ago we didn’t dream of 3D printing but now there are transformations in manufacturing and beyond, from 3D printing technological innovations, including mass-produced customized pieces, concrete for houses, printed food, metal, and composite materials.
  9.  Genomics : Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer A were awarded the Nobel Prize 2020 in Chemistry for developing a method for  genome editing. Genomics, gene editing, and synthetic biology advancements have helped in modifying crops, curing and eradicating diseases, developing new vaccines like Covid-19 shots and other breakthroughs.
  10. New Energy Solutions : There are advancements in batteries used in the cars, as well as innovations in nuclear power and green hydrogen because of our focussed approach in tackling climate change. This in turn will give more power to our ships, planes, trains and energy generation for the masses.’

These top moments in technologies will make our world full of innovations and convenience in living. Thus, raising our standards with least compromise of our planet.

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