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Govt disconnects 70 lakh mobile numbers of Indian users, avoid this mistake to keep your…

Google launches .meme domain to let users create internet’s funniest websites

WhatsApp brings back sending view once photos and videos to all desktop apps

X Premium Subscribers, Rejoice! Elon Musk Announces Early Rollout Plan for Grok AI

ChatGPT rolls out new voice feature for all users: What is it and how to…

New leak indicates that the iPhone 16 will have a larger display and longer battery…

WhatsApp set to add option to open AI-powered chats

China’s Groundbreaking Internet Launch 150 Times Faster, Enabling Lightning-Fast Movie Transfers

OpenAI Ventures into Education, ChatGPT Poised to Enter Classrooms Soon

Instagram now allow users to make feed and reels only visible to close friends; here…

Segment of Chandrayaan-3 Launch Vehicle Experiences Uncontrolled Re-entry into Earth’s Atmosphere

Foxconn, the largest producer of iPhones, All set to venture into space aboard a SpaceX…

Elon Musk makes it easier for live streamers to connect with people on X, unveils…

Samsung releases artificial intelligence (AI) features for Galaxy phones that translates calls

Deepfake Onslaught! Exploring LegalMeasures for Online Protection

How Grok AI’s Chatbot Stacks Up Against Elon Musk’s ChatGPT: 5 Key Insights

Tim Cook Reveals Plans for Generative AI Implementation, Potential Features by 2024

Using Microsoft’s ChatGPT Bot on LinkedIn for Enhanced Job Searching and Guidance

Security Concerns Surrounding iPhones: Alleged Hacking Incidents Raise Questions about Apple’s Safety Measures

Introducing JioGlass by Reliance: Exploring AR and VR Features, Availability, and More

Instagram Expanding Collaborative Posting: Let Friends Contribute to Your Posts!

Google Enhances Maps with AI Capabilities, Unveils Immersive Navigation and Advanced Features

Apple’s Ambitious Plans: Hiring for Generative AI Roles, Considering $1 Billion Annual Investment in AI…

YouTube is blocking some usersfrom watching videos on its platform

WhatsApp Explores ‘View Once’ Feature for Voice Messages with Auto-Deletion

Instagram’s Latest Update Puts Privacy Firstwith Innovative ‘Activity Off’ Feature

Beginning January 2, Google Drive Eliminates Dependency on Third-Party Cookies for File Downloads

Apple’s iOS 17.1: All Set to Make Its Debut on October 24

Urgent Alert: Android 13 and Earlier Versions Pose Security Threat – Vulnerabilities, At-Risk Devices, and…

Adobe Introduces Cutting-Edge AI Models for Generating Vector Graphics and Design Templates from Text Prompts

ChatGPT’s Major Leap with Real-Time Answers Redefine Information Retrieval, No Time Constraints

Revolutionary Smart Glasses from Meta: Live Stream Your World, AI Chatbot Integration Coming to WhatsApp

iPhone 15’s Cutting-Edge Feature Lets You Find Friends in a 60-Meter Range

Upcoming Meta AI Chatbot Launch Sparks Concerns Over Data Privacy

How iOS 17 Falls Short: 5 Android Features It Lacks

Mark Zuckerberg Unveils Transformative WhatsApp Business Updates

Jio AirFiber Launches in Select Indian Cities: Unveiling Availability, Plans, Speed, and More

Elon Musk’s Neuralink Breaks Ground with Human Trial of Revolutionary Brain Chip

Unveiling Jio AirFiber: Pricing, Specifications, and Key Differentiators from JioFiber

Google Faces Rs 7000 Crore Fine for Unauthorized Location Tracking

Stability AI Unveils Groundbreaking Text-to-Audio Platform for Song Creation

Apple Embraces Sustainability with Farewell to Leather Straps and Cases

Government Identifies Critical Vulnerabilities in Android Phones, Posing a Threat to Millions of Indian Users

Meta Unveils Next-Generation AI Model Surpassing ChatGPT 4, Reducing Dependency on External Platforms for Training

Google Chrome’s Desktop Version Set for a Fresh Makeover and Exciting Features This Month

WhatsApp now lets users share videos in HD

After four years, Google updates the Android logo, which now features amusing 3D components

According to OpenAI, teachers can never tell if students are using ChatGPT for assignments

As WhatsApp’s UI is changing, users may be unable to recognize the app: Here are…

Bing Chat is now available in Google Chrome for desktop users

Jio will be the first business to create 6G capabilities globally

WhatsApp modifies fundamental group creation rules; group naming is no longer required

The Threads web version is already up, and Mark Zuckerberg claims that users will be…

Ahead of the historic first landing, Chandrayaan-3 provides additional images of the moon’s far side

By utilizing AI, Google Search will summarize items for you while you browse

Users of WhatsApp might soon be able to make stickers using AI

ChatGPT does not comprehend software engineering concepts and answers 52% of questions wrong

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, is now hiring and offering salaries of up to Rs…

Screen sharing in video calls is now available on WhatsApp

PhonePe and Google Pay find themselves concerned about a fresh UPI innovation

Google will now notify you if your personal information is available online

According to a study, AI will replace more women workers than men by 2030

OpenAI applies for a new trademark, hinting at the possibility of ChatGPT 5

Should Google Bard be concerned about the upcoming release of the ChatGPT app on Android?

ChatGPT gets worse in math, and people claim that getting dumber with age is the…

WormGPT: Stay aware of it, Hackers are happy

What exactly is Enhanced Safe Browsing, which Google is constantly advertising on Gmail?

Twitter makes changes to direct messaging settings to cut down on spam, even from verified…

Threads, Meta’s Twitter competitor, has 100 million sign-ups in 5 days, prompting Mark Zuckerberg to…

10 privacy options are now available on WhatsApp, including chat locks.

Threads, Meta’s Twitter competitor, is now available in India: Features and how to download

The creator of ChatGPT has disabled a function that allowed AI chatbot users to browse…

By simply scanning a QR code, WhatsApp users may now move conversations between phones

Enjoy AI-enabled shopping features by Microsoft Bing and Edge

Google Analytics 4 is coming—are you ready for it?

Teachers being replaced by ChatGPT now? CS professor at Harvard University is an AI chatbot

Goodenough, a Nobel Prize laureate whose invention of lithium-ion batteries made smartphones feasible, passes away

Android users are concerned about the Pink WhatsApp Scam; learn what it is and how…

YouTube changes its policy to crack down on fan accounts that take content from others

WhatsApp to soon add a screen-sharing feature while on a video call

Identify your Skin with Google Lens’s new feature

The Godfather of AI predicts that eventually, AI will outperform human intelligence, but not anytime…

Gmail’s Help Me Write function is now available to some iPhone and Android users: Here’s…

Accenture will invest $3 billion in artificial intelligence to accelerate client reinvention

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, hails the release of Vision Pro as the start of…

How Instagram’s Algorithm Works For Stories, Feeds, Reels, And Exploration

WWDC 2023: A big leak ahead of the launch

Have Fun: BGMI returns with limited playtime

Here’s how to alter texts you accidentally sent using WhatsApp’s newly announced edit feature

Google-Inspection Tool is a new Google crawler designed specifically for Google testing tools

WhatsApp makes the Chat Lock function available to everyone, but there is a catch

Instagram Down for some users worldwide due to a glitch in Stories

Good news for cloud-gaming platforms: Microsoft-Activision merger

Google’s new feature to detect AI-generated fake images

Amazon intends to boost its app’s search with ChatGPT-like AI features

The ChatGPT rival Bard is launched with New Features

Elon Musk claims that WhatsApp cannot be trusted, now introducing features similar to WhatsApp on…

Look Forward to Google’s Pixel: The first foldable smartphone

WhatsApp updated Polls and now allows users to caption photographs before sharing them

Google’s introduction of Passkeys


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