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technology news

Introducing Gemini 1.5 Pro, Groundbreaking AI in Google Search, and More!

OpenAI Reveals Next-Gen Chatbot: Talks Like Humans, Outsmarts GPT-4!

Microsoft’s Latest Copilot Updates Empower Professionals with Enhanced Prompt Writing Tools

OpenAI Throws Down the Gauntlet with a Game-Changing Search Innovation

Claude AI Now Available on iPhones – Download & Explore!

Google Play Takes Down 300K+ Malicious Accounts!

WhatsApp Icon Turns Green for Many Users, No Need to Tweak Settings

Google Engineers Go the Extra Mile, Clock 120-Hour Weeks to Perfect Gemini’s Image Tool

Delhi-Gurugram Air Taxi Service Set to Take Off: Explore Fare Details and More

Mark Zuckerberg Assures AI’s Advancement Poses No Existential Threat, Yet Raises Key Concerns

WhatsApp Boosts User Experience with Quick Contact Access Feature

WhatsApp Introduces Real-Time Image Generation Feature Powered by Meta AI

Tech Firm Launches Digital Clones: Your Virtual Self for Zoom Calls

Cybersecurity Warning for Microsoft Windows, Office, Bing, and Outlook Users

7 Hidden Gems on LinkedIn That Will Elevate Your Profile

Meta Services Bounce Back After Global Outage Disrupts Communication

$5 Billion Lawsuit Spurs Action As Google’s Incognito Data Debacle

Microsoft and OpenAI Forge $100 Billion Partnership to Pioneer AI Supercomputer

Do you have an iPhone finger? Here is what you need to know about this…

Craft Your Personalized Travel Plans With Google’s New AI Feature

Musk’s on Neuralink Achievement – Paralyzed User Operates Computer with Mind!

Future of AI in India is bleak and AI work is shallow, says ex-Googler who…

ISRO successfully lands ‘Pushpak’, India’s first Reusable Launch Vehicle

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang says everything in future will be robotic, unveils new AI chips

Truecaller gets an AI spam blocking feature, here is how to enable

Got that song stuck in your head? You can soon find it on YouTube Music…

AI will amplify and help humans progress, says Adobe India director Vyshak Venugopalan

Google Issues Warning to Drive Users Amid Surge in Spam Attacks

Amazon’s New AI Tool: Simplifying Seller Listings

Chakshu: India’s Innovative Response to the Persistent Issue of Spam Calls

Breaking News: Meet Devin, the World’s First Software Engineer AI Capable of Unified Prompt!

Editing text on Google Gemini just became easier thanks to a new feature, here is…

Amid fear of AI taking jobs, new study reveals that AI can actually improve relationships…

Indian ChatGPT? Krutrim launch and Meity directive show AI future in India is stuck

Google now allows users to write directly in Docs with a stylus or finger

Nvidia CEO says don’t learn coding because AI, tech giant exec says jobs will be…

Elon Musk says Tesla Roadster 2025 will do 0-60 mph in less than a second,…

Apple cancels E car project, makes generative AI major focus

Apple is working on smart glasses which will have many Vision Pro features but will…

WhatsApp might soon allow users to filter favorite chats from the clutter

Odysseus lands on the Moon: 1st US spacecraft to touch down in half a century

WhatsApp adds four new text formatting options and using them is really simple

Meta will soon bring fact-checking helpline on WhatsApp to report AI generated deepfakes

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman reveals insights on GPT-5, says it will be better at everything

OpenAI Sora is a new AI model that can create one-minute videos from text prompts…

Mark Zuckerberg says Meta Quest 3 is far better and cheaper than Apple Vision Pro,…

Bitcoin Price Hits $50,000 at Two-Year High

Google Gemini Ultra now available: What is India price, and how can you use it

Unveiling Gemini, the New Bard to Revolutionize Conversational AI

What Paytm means to the digital wallet market in India

Google deletes 2,200 fake loan apps from Play Store, here is how to be safe

Google may soon rebrand its AI chatbot Bard as Gemini

Android 15 to make group audio sharing easier, here are the details

Chip inside the brain, Elon Musk says first Neuralink-connected human is doing well

iOS 18 is expected to be one of the biggest updates in the history of…

WhatsApp is now using Google Drive storage to save chat backup on Android phones

Circle to Search AI feature no more exclusive to Galaxy S24 series, starts rolling out…

Apple releases iOS 17.3 with Stolen Device Protection feature: Know what it is and how…

WhatsApp may soon release nearby sharing, will allow users to drop and share photos and…

How to detect if your iOS device is affected by Pegasus spyware

Google now lets you circle, scribble or tap to Search, but only select Android users…

Microsoft Copilot Pro now available for everyone, adds AI features to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and…

Artificial Intelligence Set to Influence 40%of Global Employment Amidst Challenging 2024

WhatsApp introduces custom sticker maker for iOS users, here is how to use

Volkswagen is bringing ChatGPT to its vehicles so that you can ask your car to…

The Future of Voice Commands: Android Considers Embracing ChatGPT Instead of Google Assistant

Microsoft’s Vision for a More Intuitive Computing Experience

Secure Your WhatsApp Chats with an Affordable Monthly Backup Solution at Just Rs 35

Telegram’s Latest Update Features Overhauled Voice and Video Calls

ISRO’s Spectacular Kickoff to 2024:PSLV-C58 Soars into Space with XPoSAT Mission

Warning for Android Users: Delete These 14 Apps Now to Protect Your Device

Jio’s Bharat GPT Aims to Challenge ChatGPT, TV OS Launch on the Horizon, Affirms Akash…

Meta Claims Top Spot in Technological Innovation with Cutting-edge AR Glasses, Affirms CTO

Yes, your phone is listening: Study shows some advertisers are indeed eavesdropping

WhatsApp Channels to soon get an Automatic Album feature, here is how it will work

AI now has the power to create other AI tools without human help

Instagram gives users a chance to boost their account’s reach, introduces Add Yours template for…

Google Introduces Gemini Pro for Company Partnerships, Launches Imagen 2

Meet Tesla’s Optimus Gen 2: Elon Musk’s Visionary Robot That Boils Eggs and Busts Moves

Meta’s Ray-Ban Smart Glasses: Your Personal Stylist and Tour Guide in One!

Aditya L-1’s Spacecraft SUIT Unveils Spectacular Sun-Capturing Mission

Google Messages gets Photomoji: Know what it is and here is how you can use…

Apple and Google Unveil New AI Developments:MLX Framework and NotebookLM App

Meta reimagine: An AI tool to generate images from text prompts in Facebook, Instagram group…

Google Gemini AI launched, company calls it smarter than humans in some language work

WhatsApp will soon allow users to share status photos and videos on Instagram

IndiGo introduces ChatGPT-based AI chatbot for queries, ticket booking

Govt disconnects 70 lakh mobile numbers of Indian users, avoid this mistake to keep your…

Google launches .meme domain to let users create internet’s funniest websites

WhatsApp brings back sending view once photos and videos to all desktop apps

X Premium Subscribers, Rejoice! Elon Musk Announces Early Rollout Plan for Grok AI

ChatGPT rolls out new voice feature for all users: What is it and how to…

New leak indicates that the iPhone 16 will have a larger display and longer battery…

WhatsApp set to add option to open AI-powered chats

China’s Groundbreaking Internet Launch 150 Times Faster, Enabling Lightning-Fast Movie Transfers

OpenAI Ventures into Education, ChatGPT Poised to Enter Classrooms Soon

Instagram now allow users to make feed and reels only visible to close friends; here…

Segment of Chandrayaan-3 Launch Vehicle Experiences Uncontrolled Re-entry into Earth’s Atmosphere

Foxconn, the largest producer of iPhones, All set to venture into space aboard a SpaceX…

Elon Musk makes it easier for live streamers to connect with people on X, unveils…


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