Technology News

technology news

Elon Musk with other experts urges for a pause on training of AI systems that…

AI will eliminate two thirds of global jobs; Goldman Sachs identifies industries most impacted

Is Google’s AI-powered Bard “just as intelligent” as ChatGPT’s competition?

ChatGPT now has “eyes and ears”! OpenAI CEO Sam Altman announces ChatGPT Plug-ins; learn more…

To fix an issue that exposed user chat titles, OpenAI briefly shut down ChatGPT.

ChatGPT rival Google “Bard” is now open for public access

Microsoft with its new feature will allow Windows 11 users to set Default apps

Will ChatGPT actually eliminate jobs for people? This is how OpenAI’s founder feels, and it’s…

Know about GPT-4 and its difference with ChatGPT

Google is giving the power of AI to Docs and Gmail

NASA releases new, more streamlined spacesuits for a potential Moon mission.

Meta is creating a platform as a rival for Twitter

Apple is now coming up with an app for the classical music lovers

Universal Speech Model (USM) – A High-End Speech Model by Google AI

ChatGPT, AI-tool fails in the UPSC Civil Services Prelims exam 2022 by 30%

Microsoft now allows Bing users to control the tone for the Bing AI chatbot so…

In 2025, Meta might introduce its first smartwatch and display-equipped smart glasses

Apple rejected the app update with ChatGPT Tech

Meta’s Augmented and Virtual Reality roadmap

When asked about “feelings,” Microsoft Bing AI closes the conversation.

Facebook And Instagram users can now be verified subscribers of Meta

Bing, powered by ChatGPT, has gone insane and is now uttering all kinds of nonsense.

ChatGPT vs. Bard: Microsoft and Google’s developing chatbot rivalry, and the threats it poses

Goodbye to image compression on mobile and desktop with Whatsapp

A Twist to latest iPhone15 coming with USB-C port

In 48 hours, over one million people signed up for the new Microsoft Bing’s waitlist

In the next generation of the internet, Microsoft launches AI-Powered search, “Binging”

Due to a blunder by Google’s AI chatbot ‘Bard,’ Alphabet shares have lost $100 billion.

AI-powered Microsoft Binge and Edge: Reinventing Your search

Google CEO Sundar Pichai launches Chat-GPT competitor Bard; here are some of its capabilities.

Google is planning to launch a ChatGPT competitor soon

OpenAI tech will generate email replies for busy salespeople at Microsoft

India’s first hydrogen train announced by the rail minister; get familiar with the technology

Microsoft is shutting down AltspaceVR, a virtual reality platform

Google to Slash Down 12,000 Workers | Affected Employees started to receive emails

Instagram introduces a “Quiet Mode” to aid teen students with concentration and sleep

Voice status updates rolled out by WhatsApp on the Android Beta Version

Apple Plans Cheaper Mixed Reality Headset and Postpone AR Glasses

A New Feature of Google Meet makes Collaboration Easy. Check for Details:

WhatsApp launched a new feature ‘ Forward media with the caption’

Microsoft declares to wind up the path for Windows 7

The booming of Cyber Crime is deplorable for India

CAIT: Data Protection norms key to assure  Retail and E-commerce is not smacked by Big…

Google is Going To End the cloud gaming service ‘Google Stadia’

Microsoft take out the support system for window 7 and 8.1 OS

Tons of new features to be added to Whatsapp in 2023

Five space missions to look forward to in 2023

What do Google searches disclose about India’s behavior during the Pandemic?

Microsoft instigates new feature for Excel

Whatsapp pioneered a wonderful feature “undo delete for me”to save us from ticklish condition

Virtual Reality and Soft Skill Training

Instagram introduces its BeReal competitor

How can developers guarantee their software testing is eco-friendly?

Data of 500 million users of WhatsApp is at risk

With a CAGR of 18.9% Global Automation Testing Market Size will reach nearly USD 96.13…

Government Support for Smart Building Projects Is Fueling Sector Growth, According to the 2022 Smart…

A new cybersecurity vulnerability was reported on Pixel devices by a Cybersecurity researcher.

YouTube rolls out TikTok rival ‘Shorts-Form Vertical Videos – SHORTS’ on TV globally

Twitter India Office Almost Vacant

3rd Attempt to launch Artemis-1 By NASA

Bengaluru-based EdTech StartUp FrontRow Lays Off 75% of Workforce

Meta Quest Pro – With Improved Optics and Performance

Microsoft Designer – The AI Designing Tool For New Age Designing

Google Partner with Acer, Lenovo and Asus for Cloud Gaming

Whatsapp is Going To Support 1,024 Participants in Group

Meta Warns Against 400 Malicious Apps that Compromise FB Log-In Details

Minecraft Mob Vote – Everything You Should Know

Apple i-Phone 14 Pre-Order Begin in India

Meet Google Pixel 7 – Review of The Most Advanced Smartphone from Google

Whatsapp Will Restrict Users from Taking Screenshots!

Google is Launching Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch


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