A new cybersecurity vulnerability was reported on Pixel devices by a Cybersecurity researcher.

Cybersecurity vulnerability is one of the major concerns for all digital device users across the digital technology space. Even end-to-end testing can not ensure a 100% guarantee for future vulnerability. Any security patch in the device or software creates huge opportunities for hackers. It may cause a huge financial loss as well as slander in the market reputation of any business. 

Recently an individual researcher found a huge security vulnerability on Pixel devices which can be used to bypass a smartphone’s lock screen. According to Schutz “I found a vulnerability affecting seemingly all Google Pixel phones where if you gave me any locked Pixel device, I could give it back to you unlocked,” 

He initially reported this vulnerability in June this year and Now it has been fixed by Google in a release on November 5 for pixel devices. The impact of this on other Android devices is not clear yet. Hope other Android devices may be secure with this or Mobile manufacturing companies need to be fixed this before hackers take advantage of this security vulnerability.

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