Digigiggle A rise of H3N2 in India: These states have reported cases so far.

A rise of H3N2 in India: These states have reported cases so far.

The H3N2 influenza virus, which is a respiratory tract infection brought on by four different types of viruses (A, B, C, and D) belonging to the Orthomyxoviridae family, is on the rise in India. Viral infection instances are being reported in a number of states, including Maharashtra, Gujarat, Haryana, Orissa, and Haryana. To stop the potential spread of viral illnesses, the state governments have also begun to take preventative steps. The two most prevalent subtypes have been H3N2 and H1N1. According to information released by the government, 451 instances of H3N2 have been documented throughout the nation between January 2 and March 5.

Up to February 28 of this year, 955 H1N1 cases had been documented. Tamil Nadu (545 cases) reported the most H1N1 cases, followed by Maharashtra (170 cases), Gujarat (74 cases), Kerala (74 cases) and Punjab (28 cases). The seasonal influenza cases, including H3N2, are anticipated to start declining by the end of March, according to a statement made by the Union Ministry of Health on Friday.

State-by-state information on the H3N2 virus:

Maharashtra: On Wednesday, the Mumbai Municipal Corporation reported that 32 individuals had been admitted to the city, of whom 4 had been identified as having the H3N2 virus while the other 28 had the H1N1 virus. Up till March 13, 2023, Maharashtra had tested 2,56,424 persons for influenza, while there were 1,406 patients who were suspected of having the illness. Tanaji Sawant, the health minister for Maharashtra, stated that there is no need for concern despite the fact that 352 cases of the H3N2 virus have been registered in the state thus far.

Delhi: According to experts, the number of H3N2 virus cases in the city hospitals has increased. This virus typically causes symptoms like fever, cold, and body aches, but in some cases, it also leaves behind a persistent cough that renders patients critically ill. According to them, the number of patients bringing similar complaints to OPDs has increased by over 150%.

Gujarat: As of March 10 of this year, a total of 80 cases of seasonal flu had been reported there, 77 of which were H1N1 influenza and three of which were H3N2 influenza. According to Rushikesh Patel, the health minister for Gujarat, there have been no H3N2-related fatalities in this region.

Odisha: Out of 225 samples collected in the State’s January and February of this year, a total of 59 H3N2 influenza infections have been confirmed. Director of the Regional Medical Research Center (RMRC), Dr. Sanghamitra Pati, confirmed this and stated that “Symptoms are identical to the seasonal flu viruses, including fever and cough, etc.”

Karnataka: According to a formal announcement, 20 instances of H1N1 were discovered between January and March, along with 26 cases of H3N2, 10 cases of Influenza B, and 69 cases of Adeno.

Puducherry: As of March 11, 79 instances of the viral H3N2 subtype of influenza had been detected in Puducherry. However up to this point, there have been no H3N2-related deaths documented in the union area.

Tamil Nadu: According to Ma Subramanian, the health minister for Tamil Nadu, there were just 2 cases in the state one month ago, but there are currently 20 to 25 cases.

Assam: According to an official bulletin, Assam has reported the first H3N2 influenza case, and the Health Department is closely monitoring the situation.

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