According to a source, Infosys terminates nearly 600 new hires after they fail an internal test.

According to a source, Infosys terminates nearly 600 new hires after they fail an internal test.

Following Wipro, it is now being alleged that Infosys is terminating hundreds of new hires who failed an internal fresher assessment (FA) test. According to sources, the Indian IT technology company fired 600 interns. Over 400 Wipro employees apparently lost their jobs last month due to poor performance.

According to a Business Today article, Infosys is letting go of 600 recent hires after they failed the internal exam. “I received training for the SAP ABAP stream when I first began working at Infosys in August of last year. Only 60 of the 150 members of my team passed the FA exam. All of the rest of us were fired two weeks ago. Nearly 85 of the 150 freshmen from the previous batch (freshmen who were onboarded in July 2022) were let go after failing the test “; an Infosys newcomer told the publication. According to reports, the individual joined in August 2022. Some impacted employees also claimed that freshmen who joined before July 2022 were not terminated for failing the internal test.

All freshmen were invited to take part in a recent internal test that the IT company conducted. After failing the internal test, the corporation reportedly fired 600 employees. According to one of the publication’s close sources, “208 freshmen were let go two weeks ago after failing the FA test. In the previous six months, around 600 freshmen have been let go after failing the FA test.” Notably, the IT company hasn’t yet made an official announcement on layoffs.

The news of the layoffs comes as Infosys has had hundreds of recent graduates wait to start working there for more than 8 months after obtaining an offer letter. “I got a job offer from Infosys, one of the best IT companies in India, but my future still looks bleak. Because of all the waiting and lack of revenue over the previous few months, I already have a gap in my resume. Additionally, Infosys has not provided any details regarding the timing for onboarding. And now that some of my onboarded friends have been sacked, I’m worried about my prospects because, contrary to what was once believed, the IT industry is no longer a mass recruiter with endless opportunities”; a candidate at Infosys who is waiting to be hired informed the journal.

Another IT company, Wipro, fired nearly 400 new hires a few weeks earlier on the basis of performance. A spokeswoman for Wipro commented on the layoffs and said, “452 freshmen had to be fired after consistently failing tests while receiving training. We take pride in upholding the highest standards at Wipro. We need all entry-level employees to possess a specific level of competence in their assigned field of work in accordance with the standards we strive to achieve for ourselves.” According to Wipro, “This rigorous and thorough performance evaluation process results in a series of steps, such as mentorship and retraining, and in some circumstances, the separation of specific people from the firm.”

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