Apple is now coming up with app for the classical music lovers

Apple is now coming up with an app for the classical music lovers

Apple had purchased Primephonic, a music streaming app long back which was solely focussed on classical music. Apple though shuffled the services and folded many features in their Apple Music Services but it changed the experience of Primephonic which made it special. But, currently Apple is ready to deliver a unique experience of classical music by launching Apple Music Classical. This is a music streaming app dedicated exclusively to classical music with high-quality Lossless audio and tons of choices of classical music to keep the users satisfied with the collections.

Though the Apple music classical app is linked to Apple Music, the app is solely dedicated to classical music. The subscribers of Apple Music will not have to pay any extra cost but they have to download a separate app in order to listen to the classic tunes. It will be a captivating experience with music streaming up to 192 kHz at 24-bit Hi-Res Lossless and will also offer support for spatial audio.

The Apple Music Classical will be an experience for both veteran classical music lovers as well as for beginners. The users will have access to over five million tracks and will also offer a number of curated playlists so that the users can enjoy the best classical music produced. In the app there will be the details of the composers with their biographies and guide to some of their popular works.

The search is made easy and specific with new categories like conductor, composer, work, and catalogue number.

As mentioned earlier, the users will have to download a separate app of Apple Music Classical App and they don’t have to pay extra if they have subscribed for the Apple Music App. The new app is planned to go live on 28 March.

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