As WhatsApp’s UI is changing, users may be unable to recognize the app: Here are the specifics

WhatsApp appears to be updating the app’s User Interface (UI), and some users may be unable to recognize it after the changes are implemented. While youngsters may not be bothered by this, those who are unfamiliar with applications or phones will most certainly need time to acclimatize to WhatsApp’s revamped user interface. WhatsApp’s latest beta version suggests the same, since it has removed the green color and modified other components in various spots. Everything you need to know is right here.

According to a screenshot shared by WaBetaInfo, WhatsApp will be making modifications to the messaging app’s user interface. It indicates that the navigation bars for Status, Chats, and other tabs will be moved to the bottom of WhatsApp. You’ll also note that WhatsApp has given the Communities tab a new home. As seen in the app, the business is also removing the green color from the upper side of the app.

The green color will continue, but with a more simple approach. WhatsApp’s logo will change to green, as will the messaging button in the lower right corner. New filter options will appear at the top of the chats. All, Unread, Personal, and Business are examples of these. These filters will most likely make it easier for individuals to find specific messages. The specific functionalities are unknown, however WhatsApp may allow users to categorize chats as Personal or Business. When you pick a specific filter, it turns green, as shown in the screenshot. Furthermore, WhatsApp appears to be adding a profile symbol at the top of the app, while keeping the search bar and camera icons at the top. The app will be fully white, with no differentiating lines between chats, as it is in the current edition.

The new look was discovered in the WhatsApp beta for Android upgrade. The new UI includes updated Material Design 3 UI elements, and the redesign is still in development. This also implies that WhatsApp may make other changes to the app in the future to make it more current and user-friendly. Once the beta upgrade is complete, the new UI design will most likely be handed out to all WhatsApp users.

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