Brain Cancer Treatment: A progressive discovery by a Team Led by an Indian Scientist

Brain Cancer Treatment: A progressive discovery by a Team Led by an Indian Scientist

A team of researchers led by an Indian Scientist Saritha Krishna discovered the treatment for cancerous brain tumors which is a pathbreaking discovery. The healthy cells in the human brain when coming in contact with the cancerous cells, make them hyperactive and cause easy cognitive loss that further leads to death according to the scientist team from San Fransico Medical Centre.

The Indian-origin scientist Saritha Krishna with his team also discovered the fact that the common anti-seizure drug can prove to be effective in reducing the hyperactiveness of cancerous cells and can slow the growth of these cells. The stated study is published in the science journal “nature” latest edition.

According to the researchers, the cancerous cells that are linked to healthy cells can be tampered with through the drug that can pause the growth of the tumor cells. According to the study patients suffering from glioblastoma, a fatal disease among adult brain cancers can also be benefitted.

The Indian-origin scientists Krishna and his fellow scientist Shawn Hervey discovered the unknown process through which the brain circuitry is overpowered and modified by the tumor cells. In the patients suffering from glioma cognitive activities declined due to this manipulation The study came to a conclusion after brain activity was recorded in a patient who was going through a brain tumor surgery while he was awake.

Krishna, whose native place is Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala is also an author of the research paper. He quoted that while the patients who are awake during their brain surgery and are given language tasks it was found that it led to activation of the tumor-infiltrated regions of the brain that are far from the language brain zones. This was a new and surprising discovery to see how the deadly cancerous cells can overpower and restructure the connections around the brain tissue to make them hyperactive. This connection results in cognitive disability and the shortening of the patient’s life. This discovery is highly beneficial for patients suffering from glioblastoma.

The tumor growth can be paused with the help of the existing drug which needs to be repurposed. The study will also help in developing drug and neuromodulation techniques that will disconnect the linkup of the cancerous and healthy brain cells to pause the growth of these deadly cells.

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