Breaking Down the Style Statements of Randeep Hooda and Lin Laishram at Their Manipuri Nuptials

Breaking Down the Style Statements of Randeep Hooda and Lin Laishram at Their Manipuri Nuptials

In a celebration of love and cultural unity, Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda and model-actress Lin Laishram tied the knot in a traditional Manipuri wedding ceremony on November 29. The couple, who had previously confirmed their relationship, chose to exchange vows in an intimate setting in Imphal, Manipur, adhering to Meitei traditions. The newlyweds shared their joy with the world by posting official photos from their wedding day. Randeep, embracing his role as a Manipuri groom, radiated charm in a traditional white kurta paired with a distinctive yellow headgear known as “koyet.” Meanwhile, Lin, the epitome of a Manipuri bride, adorned herself in a regal Potloi, a cylindrical skirt made of sturdy fabric and bamboo, embellished with ornate details.

The wedding festivities included the symbolic exchange of garlands, capturing the essence of Meitei rituals. The couple had arrived in Imphal on November 27, embarking on a journey that blended cultural experiences and union. In their official statement, Randeep and Lin drew inspiration from the Mahabharata, citing Arjuna’s marriage to Manipuri Warrior Princess Chitrangada. They expressed gratitude for the blessings and love they received from family and friends, inviting everyone to be part of their cross-cultural union. The couple extended their heartfelt thanks as they set out on this joyous journey together.

The wedding ceremony took place at Chumthang Sanapung in Langthabal, Imphal West, with the couple’s visit to local temples, a relief camp in Moirang, and the scenic Loktak Lake adding spiritual and scenic dimensions to their union. Lin Laishram’s bridal ensemble included a maroon Potloi, an intricately embroidered black blouse known as “resham furit,” complemented by a sheer ivory tulle drape. The bride adorned herself with a stunning array of heavy necklaces and glitzy haath phools, embracing the cultural richness of the occasion.

“I believed it would be a gesture of respect to participate in the wedding ceremony following the bride’s traditions. I’ve heard that Meitei love marriages, the groom typically has to endure a lengthy sitting session. Despite this, I am eagerly anticipating the ceremony and the rich traditions associated with it. My desire is to immerse myself in the cultural experiences of my life partner. That’s the primary reason for my presence here.”

As the couple commenced this enchanting phase of their journey together, they received warm congratulations from the nation, and the photographs capturing moments from their wedding day resonated as a sincere celebration of love and cultural diversity.

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