Jawan- Shahrukh Khan's Priciest Film

Budget of Rs 300 Crore for Jawan Making it Shah Rukh Khan’s Priciest Film

Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming cinematic venture, ‘Jawan’, has surged forth as his most lavish project up to this point, boasting an impressive budget of Rs 300 crore. A magnificent sum of over Rs 15 crore was invested in producing the film’s debut song, ‘Zinda Banda’, featuring Shah Rukh Khan in a captivating dance sequence accompanied by a troupe of over 1000 female dancers.

All anticipations are now directed towards September 7th, the day when ‘Jawan’, directed by Atlee, is scheduled to release on the silver screen. The film flaunts a stellar ensemble cast including Nayanthara, Vijay Sethupathi, Sanya Malhotra, and others.

While the year kicked off for SRK with ‘Pathaan’, bearing a substantial budget of Rs 250 crore, he has now outdone himself with ‘Jawan’. The film’s financial magnitude has increased to a mesmerizing number of Rs 300 crore, surpassing his previous records.

‘SRK’s Most Expensive Cinematic Presence in Jawan’

Shah Rukh Khan is poised to present his audience with his second cinematic offering of the year, ‘Jawan’. Steered by Atlee, it stands as SRK’s most opulent film to date. Reportedly, the project has been endowed with a staggering budget of Rs 300 crore, outshining the Rs 250 crore budget of ‘Pathaan’. Further particulars about the project are eagerly awaited.

A huge Budget of Rs 15 Crore was spent on “Zinda Banda”

Following the enthralling sneak peek into ‘Jawan’, the film’s initial track, a vibrant dance composition named ‘Zinda Banda’, was unveiled by the creators on July 31st. Crafted by Anirudh, the track promises a grand revelry, shot on an extravagant scale in Chennai across a span of five days. The song featured over 1000 female dancers hailing from cities such as Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Madurai, Mumbai, and others.

The creation of ‘Zinda Banda’ entailed a remarkable expenditure exceeding Rs 15 crore. The sequence showcased Shah Rukh Khan in a mesmerizing dance performance, accompanied by thousands of female performers. Anirudh, aside from composing the music, lent his voice to the track, while the choreography was done by Shobi.”

Watch Zinda Banda song at https://youtu.be/AQEc4BwX6dk

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