By utilizing AI, Google Search will summarize items for you while you browse

By utilizing AI, Google Search will summarize items for you while you browse

In November 2022, when ChatGPT was unveiled to the public, this was the only topic of conversation. The internet was swept up in the AI chatbot’s popularity, which piqued readers’ curiosity in generative AI. Although the idea was not new, ChatGPT’s popularity gave it a boost.

Companies like Google and Microsoft started releasing their own generative AI tools after seeing how users responded to OpenAI’s chatbot. Google established the Search Labs initiative in May of this year along with an announcement that it will be overhauling the search experience. And now, as part of this campaign, the tech giant has revealed a new tool that will make it easier for consumers to read articles on the internet more quickly.

In a blog post titled “Learn as you search (and browse) using generative AI,” the firm said that it is introducing a tool called SGE while browsing that would provide users with an AI-generated summary of the content they’re reading. Users of Android and iOS devices will first have access to the feature, and then users of the desktop search engine.

According to the tech giant’s blog post, “SGE while browsing” was created expressly to encourage deeper engagement with long-form content from publishers and creators and to make it simpler to locate the information you’re seeking online. You can tap on some websites to view an AI-generated list of the main points covered in an article, together with links that will take you directly to those points on the page. Additionally, “Explore on the page,” which lets you see questions an article addresses and jump to the appropriate part to learn more, will assist you in doing further research.

These AI-generated summaries, however, will only be made available for articles that are freely accessible online. Google will not summarize any articles that are behind a paywall.

How to use the function?

Google added that users who have already chosen to participate in its SGE initiative will have automatic access to the feature. Those who haven’t joined the program might choose to participate in SGE during the browsing trial in Search Labs. Desktop users must make sure they are on the most recent version of Chrome before visiting Labs.

About definitions

On occasion, we use Google to look up the definitions of various words by simply typing the word into the search box. However, we might no longer need to do that. Google also said that users will no longer need to specifically search for definitions because they will be able to see them when browsing together with relevant photos and diagrams. The IT giant claimed that it has done this to assist people who are looking for information on a novel topic or who are looking up an explanation of a novel notion.

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