digigiggle ChatGPT rival Google “Bard” is now open for public access

ChatGPT rival Google “Bard” is now open for public access

Competition on AI is on the next level. On Wednesday, Google announced it will finally give public access to its ChatGPT competitor ‘Bard’.

It is released as an early experiment for the users to get their hands on with the generative AI.
‘Bard’ was initially given access in the US and UK but soon will be expanded to more countries and languages.

According to a Google blog post, ‘Bard’ can be used to enhance your productivity, expand your horizon for ideas and ignite your curiosity. “Bard” when asked can give tips on reaching your respective goals, explain quantum physics in a simpler way, and enhance your creativity by outlining your blogpost.

The launch of ChatGPT competitor ‘Bard’ is when there is heightened buzz in Silicon Valley over generative AI, which creates text, images, videos and music based on prompts submitted by users.

‘Bard’ is similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Microsoft Binge Chatbot and is based on a large language model (LLM),. It is specifically a lightweight and optimised version of LaMDA which will be updated with new versions and more capable models so that a large number of people can use it.

According to Google, LLM works as a prediction engine where once given the prompt the tech generates a response by selecting a single word at a time from words that could come next.

According to a Google blogpost that is claimed to be written by ‘Bard’ , it is a direct interface to an LLM and will act as a complementary experience for Google search. ‘Bard’ is designed so that one can visit, search to check the responses or explore sources across the web.
Click “Google it” to see suggestions for queries, and Search will open in a new tab so you can find relevant results for deeper analysis. Google is also planning to integrate LLMs to search deeply so there are more to come from them.

Google’s ‘Bard’ can easily be interacted by asking questions and then refining the responses by following up.

Google mentioned that ‘Bard’ will be improvised over time by adding more capabilities by adding coding, multiple languages, and multimodal experiences.

People in India need to wait for some more time to experience Google’s ‘Bard’.

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