Circle to Search AI feature no more exclusive to Galaxy S24 series, starts rolling out on Pixel 8 phones

Circle to Search AI feature no more exclusive to Galaxy S24 series, starts rolling out on Pixel 8 phones

Google is putting a lot of effort into improving its AI capabilities in order to rival companies like Microsoft and OpenAI. The massive Silicon Valley company is updating its feature set and product lineup, which includes the Pixel 8 series, by releasing new features one after the other supported by generative AI. The most recent addition to this update is the Circle to Search function, which was first seen on the Samsung Galaxy S24 series. Beginning on January 31, the new AI-backed feature will be accessible on the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

Google recently announced in a blog post that users would now be able to Circle the items from photos they want to search for. This is in addition to the ability to ask questions aloud, find the name of a song by simply humming it, and search what they see using Lens.

“Without changing apps, you can now search anything on your Android phone with Circle to Search. Now, you can choose what piques your interest with a single, intuitive gesture (such as circling, underlining, writing, or tapping) and obtain additional information at your current location, according to a blog post from Google.

Temperature feature on Pixel 8 Pro

The capability to take body temperature using the Pixel 8 Pro’s integrated thermometer is another feature that will be available. The function was first unveiled at the Google Pixel 8 series launch last year, and it is currently being rolled out for the 8 Pro models. According to Google, this feature is “medical-grade,” which indicates that the FDA has given it some clearance.

The Pixel 8 Pro’s temperature sensor, which measures your body’s temperature using infrared radiation, is located directly next to the camera. The official blog post claims that the Google Pixel 8’s temperature sensor can detect temperatures as low as -4°F (-20°C) or as high as 392°F (200°C). Users of Google Pixel devices have the option to sync the temperature readings to their Fitbit accounts after taking them.

Magic Compose

However, the new Pixel 8 series is not the only one receiving upgrades. Additionally, Google is updating the features on its older Pixel phones. Magic Compose, which uses artificial intelligence to “rewrite a drafted message in different styles,” will soon be available for the Pixel 6 and higher series. Google will use the cloud to make their messages more formal or succinct for other Pixel phones, even though this feature is available on-device for the Pixel 8 Pro.

Quick Share

Furthermore, Google is rebranding Nearby Share—a term that is currently used by both Google and Samsung phones—as Quick Share. Despite the name change, the functionality remains the same and lets users share content to nearby Windows, Android, or ChromeOS devices.

AI features for Chrome

Google is also adding new artificial intelligence features to its Chrome browser in the interim. Three new experimental AI features have been added to the updates to improve the convenience, personalisation, and creativity of web browsing. These characteristics are:

  • Tab Organiser, which classifies tabs based on similarity and assigns them names and emoticons automatically.
  • Chrome AI Themes creates personalised themes according to your selected topic, tone, colour scheme, and visual style.
  • With the aid of Help Me Write, you can compose web content by typing a few words.
  • These features are available for Chrome on Macs and Windows computers in the United States; enterprise and educational accounts will not be able to use them.

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