Delivery Woes: Blinkit Loses 1000 Executives to Competitors

Delivery Woes: Blinkit Loses 1000 Executives to Competitors

Recent strikes by over 1000 delivery executives for a change in payout structure of Blinkit in Delhi-NCR have reportedly led them to join their rival companies.

According to few sources the delivery executives of the Zomato-owned Blinkit have joined its rival firms like Big Basket, Swiggy Instamart, and Zepto in the quick-commerce business.

The reason behind the disruption of the services was the anger of the delivery executives on the company’s decision that led to the strike and subsequent fallout.

According to reports, few workers were forced to move on with the hope that the organisation would reverse the new structure.

In the second week of April around 2500 of the Blinkit delivery workers were on strike as the company reduced the fixed pay per delivery from Rs.25 to Rs.15 that led to the protest from workers across Delhi and Noida.

Few delivery workers confirmed the fact that earlier Blinkit used to pay Rs 50 per order last year to its early batch of delivery workers and Rs 25 per order to the late joinees. On top of the per-order payouts, there also used to be fuel and delivery volume-based incentives, through which a delivery person could earn up to Rs 1,400 per week in some cases.

The protesters were angered by the reduction of their incentives.

Zomato last week filed a regulatory statement that mentioned most of the stores of Blinkit have resumed operations after being affected by the strike.

On the financial impact caused by the strike at Blinkit, Zomato said, “These disruptions and changes have no material impact on the operations/financial performance of the company (meaningfully less than 1 per cent revenue impact).”

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