Dengue: Early cases reported in Kolkata

Dengue: Early cases reported in Kolkata

Even in the absence of monsoon, the hospitals in Kolkata are reporting many mosquito-borne diseases, especially Dengue. The doctors have issued health advisories and the Health officials are taking necessary steps to control the spread.

Though the current number of cases is not alarming the doctors are scarred on the numbers that may rise during and post the monsoon season.

Currently, the patients are not necessarily hospitalised. “We have started getting about three cases per day. While a few could be managed at home with medication, some of them are requiring hospital care but their conditions are stable,” according to Sujoy Mukherjee, the internal consultant and medicine specialist of CMRI hospital

Six patients including two kids are getting treated in the three units of AMRI-Mukundapur. Among the six admitted patients, one is suffering from Malaria. Charnock Hospital has reported three patients suffering from Dengue whereas, Ruby Hospital is treating patients suffering from Malaria.

Though patients are getting admitted to hospitals to avoid any risk and stay safe under doctor’s guidance. The cases of shard platelet drop are yet to be reported.

Rahul Jain, internal medicine specialist at Belle Vue Clinic stated that “Though the numbers are not alarming yet and cases seem to be sporadic. It is a little early for dengue cases to surface. All responsible citizens should be careful not to let mosquitoes breed indoors.”

According to Microbiologist, Bhaskar Narayan Chaudhuri there have been occasional cases of Dengue throughout the year in a few South Asian countries due to major temperature variations. Mosquitoes can breed faster in tremendous heat or humidity so all the citizens should follow the vector-control measures stated by the doctors. Kolkata city was earlier reported for an outbreak of dengue cases with a daily positivity rate of over 15%. It was reported that more than 50 patients had succumbed to the disease.

Though health officials are taking measures to combat the spread, they have also appealed to the public to keep their places free from mosquito breeding grounds.

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