‘Dunki’ Star Anil Grover Shares Touching Memory of Standing by SRK Amid Brother’s Surgery

'Dunki' Star Anil Grover Shares Touching Memory of Standing by SRK Amid Brother's Surgery

In a poignant revelation, actor-comedian Sunil Grover’s brother, Anil Grover, opened up about the emotional turmoil he faced when his brother underwent heart surgery earlier this year. Anil, who recently starred alongside Shah Rukh Khan in ‘Dunki’, shared the challenging circumstance of having a scheduled meeting with the Bollywood icon on the very day of Sunil’s surgery. The heart-wrenching dilemma unfolded on January 27, the same day Sunil was set to undergo a crucial heart operation. Anil, torn between familial responsibilities and professional commitments, grappled with the decision to proceed with the meeting.

However, he found solace and determination after seeking his ailing brother’s blessings and encouragement. Anil recounted the difficult day, saying, “On January 27, he (Sunil Grover) was going to get operated on, and that was the day we had our second sitting with Shah Rukh sir. So I was feeling very torn at that moment. That situation was very tricky for me.” Initially torn about attending the meeting, Anil reached out to Sunil, who, in turn, provided the much-needed courage and support.”I reached out to my brother with a message, informing him about my upcoming meeting, and in response, he extended his wishes and blessings.” It took me a while to decide if I should go or not. Eventually, I had a conversation with him, and he imparted the strength and encouragement I needed.Then, I went in,” Anil expressed.

Sunil Grover’s health ordeal began in 2022 when he suffered a heart attack, leading to an immediate hospitalization. Despite facing health challenges, Sunil exhibited remarkable resilience, shooting for a web series even with blockages in his heart. The actor-comedian subsequently underwent bypass surgery at the Asian Heart Institute in Mumbai and was discharged on February 3, 2022.

Anil’s recent appearance in ‘Dunki,’ sharing the screen with Shah Rukh Khan, adds a layer of poignancy to the narrative, showcasing the delicate balance between family concerns and professional commitments in the challenging world of showbiz. As Sunil continues his recovery, the Grover brothers’ story serves as a testament to the strength derived from familial bonds amid the trials of life.

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