Editing text on Google Gemini just became easier thanks to a new feature, here is how it works

Editing text on Google Gemini just became easier thanks to a new feature.

People were enthralled with ChatGPT when it first launched in 2022 because of its AI tool’s capacity to edit and create content, generate poetry, compose music, and much more. A few months later, Google introduced Bard, an AI tool of its own.The generative AI tool was renamed by Google to Gemini recently, and ever since, the user experience has been enhanced with updates. Google has now made it simpler for users to edit content produced by Gemini in a recent update. You’ll save time using this method, and it might even help you create content of a higher caliber.

Google Gemini gets a new feature

The most recent version of Gemini allows users to modify specific portions of the responses that the AI chatbot generates. With this new feature, users can easily modify the chatbot’s responses to their queries without needing to request a full rewrite. In the past, you had to either rewrite the entire piece or do it yourself if you wanted to edit anything in the content that Gemini had written.

But now you can request a full rewrite, change specific passages of the generated text to make it shorter or longer, or both with this new feature.

How to use the feature

All you have to do to utilize the feature is pick the text that you want to change. A tiny pencil icon will then appear. Point your cursor there and click. When you do this, four options will appear in a small pop-up menu: regenerate, shorter, longer, and remove.

While other options can help shorten, increase, or remove a sentence entirely, regenerate will completely rewrite the sentence.

Users may encounter the message “Gemini couldn’t do that” in certain situations. This typically happens when users request unsupported text formatting changes, ask questions that the chatbot is unable to answer, or forget to include instructions on how to change the response.

It seems that Google forbids users from editing text responses that come from extensions, text responses that contain code blocks, and text responses that include images. Please take note that this feature is limited to the Gemini web version and is only available in English at this time.

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