Elon Musk makes it easier for live streamers to connect with people on X, unveils feature similar to Twitch

Without question, Twitch is one of the most well-liked platforms for live-streaming video games. A lot of gamers utilize it to interact with their community, post live gameplay videos, and other things. Additionally, Elon Musk, the owner of X (formerly known as Twitter), intends to transform X into a streaming service. On the site, the billionaire had previously let users broadcast films. He had also spent around an hour streaming his games and had mentioned that viewers would soon be able to talk while watching a live stream. And Musk has indeed revealed the new function, keeping his word.

Livestream chat comes to Twitter

X will now make it simple for broadcasters to interact with their audience. With the recently added Chat feature, you can now respond to your community while live streaming a video on X. All of the main streaming services, including Twitch and YouTube, include chat features, which are where broadcasters interact with their community the most.

The statement on X Live’s Twitter account upon revealing the functionality said, “You asked, we listened: chat is now available on desktop for live broadcasts.”

When Elon Musk played Diablo IV

A live broadcast of Musk playing Diablo IV lasted an hour when he signed in to X during the first week of October under a different handle.

Musk was spotted interacting with viewers at the start of the broadcast, asking them questions about things like screen visibility and audio quality. Musk laughed a little and began the game when it was confirmed that he could be seen and heard. Towards the conclusion of the broadcast, the billionaire said that the chat feature would only be available to Twitter Blue members. Additionally, viewers have the option to forward the live-streamed video and play it in picture and picture mode while on Twitter.

Musk posted from his other handle, saying, “Just a quick test of X video game streaming.” Musk posted a little snippet of the original livestream on his official account, despite the fact that it lasted more than an hour. He said, “Last night, I tested the X video game streamer system.” It performs. I’ll attempt to finish a Tier 100 Nightmare dungeon live on this platform this evening.”

Musk also tweeted about his former internship at a video game firm, where he produced software codes. In addition, he mentioned the name of his reporting manager at the time and claimed to have been the first person to purchase a Tesla upon its release.

Many years ago, I worked as a summer intern at Rocket Science, writing video game software. This occurred much in advance of the conception of SpaceX. I was listed in the credits, but I didn’t discover it until a buddy sent me a copy today. The millionaire stated, “I reported to Bruce Leak, who was among the first people to purchase a Tesla many years later.”

The billionaire Musk’s fondness for video games has also been discussed in Walter Isaacson’s book. According to the book, Musk developed a video game at the age of 13 and sold it to a magazine, indicating the beginning of his passion for gaming.

Grimes, his ex-girlfriend, is quoted in the book as well, recalling how Musk played Elden Ring until five in the morning following his attempt to purchase Twitter.

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