New logo disclosed of XPro

Elon Musk now discloses the new logo of XPro which was earlier known as TweetDeck

The rebranding process of Twitter is now complete, and the platform has been officially renamed X. However, owner Elon Musk is not stopping there. Along with renaming the social media platform, he is also renaming all associated assets. Twitter Blue has already undergone the change, and there were reports of tweets being renamed as “posts” after some users briefly spotted the name change on Monday. Now, TweetDeck, the dashboard application for managing multiple accounts on the microblogging site, is the latest to be affected by the renaming exercise. The rebranding process will change its name to XPro, and the new branding is already apparent in specific locations, including the top of the landing page.

Based on a few reports, the new XPro branding is visible to users (who are signed out) when they visit the homepage of TweetDeck. Additionally, the same branding can be observed at the top of the browser tab, where the website logos usually appear. It is worth noting that the landing page URL still remains, and it remains uncertain whether it will be changed in the future or not.

TweetDeck has undergone a transformation and is now known as XPro.

For numerous users, TweetDeck has become an indispensable tool, particularly for those managing large Twitter communities, juggling multiple accounts, or businesses delegating their social media to a team. This powerful tool empowers users with increased control over content posting and scheduling. Additionally, it facilitates better management of content flow, allows for monitoring others’ posts, and offers various other valuable features.

Last week, Elon Musk made an announcement via a tweet (link: stating that TweetDeck would be discontinued and replaced. He humorously mentioned, “Name is changing to XPro. Will come with a wide range of psy op plugins,” although it was understood to be a joke, given Musk’s unpredictable nature.

However, the new version of TweetDeck, now called XPro, will not be accessible to everyone. On July 3, the Twitter support account (now support) tweeted (link: about the upcoming release of an improved dashboard, which would include features like full composer functionality, access to spaces, video docking, polling, and more. However, users need to complete the verification process within 30 days to gain access to the platform. The deadline for verification is tomorrow.

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