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Enhance Digital Banking Experience with Test Automation

There was a time when the thought of banking brought us the picture of waiting in long queues, filling up tedious forms, and knocking up different windows. Thankfully, the scenario has completely changed as people can manage their finances at their fingertips. Most urban consumers prefer to go digital when it comes to banking. 

In a recent survey, it has been seen that 87% of adults in the USA prefer to do banking work from their mobile. In addition, around 65% of US Retail bank consumers use their respective bank’s mobile app for their financial activity. Smoothen and secure digital experience of the bank has become an important factor when choosing a financial partner. 

Understand the Market Demand:

While consumers love the ‘Concept’ of digital banking; they may not have the right ‘Experience’ of it. Many times, they leave the finance service provider due to an unsatisfied digital experience. 

There are a few basic requirements that they need to upkeep the expectation of their customers:

  • Need for Speed: If the digital transaction needs much more steps and time to complete; then it may leave the customer frustrated. A shorter yet more secure transaction procedure can win many more consumers in the coming days. 
  • Keep it Simple: A confusing and complex UI will definitely keep the consumers at bay. They want a simple, interactive, and quick interface for better accessibility. 
  • Smooth Cross-Platform Experience: A seamless, around-the-clock, and cross-device experience of banking applications is the need of the hour. 
  • Safety First: While you are in the banking and finance sector; the safety and security of the consumers’ data is the first thing you need to ensure. 

These aspects are the guiding force for the banking applications to do better and outnumber their competitors. A better user experience with a personalized approach will always bring extra brownie points. 

However, to make the application customized and feature-rich; extensive testing is the most important thing in this scenario. While manual testing is time and cost-consuming – test automation solutions is the golden key to the hatchway of success. 

Lay the Groundwork: 

Different difficulties often challenge test automation, especially in the banking sector; unless you have partnered with high-quality professionals who are experts to implement the right automation framework and tools to lead the project to success. 

To find out the right automation testing partner; always keep in mind the following factors. 

  • Industry Knowledge: Banking applications handle a large amount of sensitive data, an ever-changing set of laws and regulations, complex tax structures, and other financial equations. The testing partner must have a team of professionals who are experts in Big Data, regulations of banking and finance, security, fintech, and other aspects. 
  • Well-Prepared: The test automation team must be well-prepared to meet the requirements of the financial service companies
  • Experience: While dealing with test automation in banking; experience always matters. To deliver the testing service; the team needs experience in all aspects like function, usability, compatibility, and performance. 
  • Framework: To run seamless test automation; a lightweight frame is the need of the hour to meet the scalable future requirements that will be in line with the business goal. 

We are here for you:

We are one of the best test automation partners for the banking and financial sectors. Our expert team can identify the problems and bring out quick and effective solutions resulting in customer-oriented improvement in service. We help you to reduce the testing cost without hampering the quality. We will help you to customize an enhanced digital experience for your customers.   

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