Enjoy AI-enabled shopping features by Microsoft Bing and Edge

Enjoy AI-enabled shopping features by Microsoft Bing and Edge

Earlier this year, Microsoft launched its Bing AI powered by GPT-4 and this was followed by Bing AI integrating with Windows 11 to the new Windows Copilot. Recently, Microsoft is working towards improving the shopping experience with the help of AI.

To shop with AI use Bing and Edge

According to a recent announcement, Microsoft will provide a “fully immersive shopping experience” by integrating AI into online shopping to the users of Bing and Edge. There are AI tools placed in the Edge sidebar within the Bing Search Engine and the Bing AI chatbot

The initial update is of a Buying Guide that will create a comprehensive buying guide depending on the keywords input given and accordingly will form lists that will fit the requirement. For example, a user can simply enter the keyword of “PC Build” in the search bar while looking to build a PC. The AI will assist and create a list that will include all the peripherals required to build a PC including options for monitors, CPU, GPU, case, keyboards, and much more.

The users are enabled to make better purchase decisions using side-by-side comparisons of similar products. Currently, this feature is made available to users in the US using both the Bing sidebar and the Edge Chat. This feature will soon be available globally and one can access this feature using their respective mobile device or PC.

The next new addition will be Price Match. The AI will assist the user in optimising the purchase time and suggest when he/she can buy the product at a discounted rate. With the help of AI, the user can note down the date of purchase at a discounted price and AI will also remind the users on that particular date to complete the purchase.

Even after the completion of the purchase, AI will enable the users to know the best price available on a similar product at a different place. Whenever the user will initiate the shopping tools this feature is a built-in feature and will soon arrive in the US. Global rollout is pending for this feature.

An additional feature is Summarized Reviews and Insights with the help of which AI will show top comments and opinions on the device a user wants to purchase. The small insight into the product feature and specifications will help in comparing it with another product having the same specifications under a similar category. The global rollout of this feature is soon in place.

With the help of a virtual try-on feature, Google wants to make shopping easier for users and they can decide if the clothes are fitting them properly after giving an online try.AI will generate key pointers like pricing, reviews, buying links, and other relevant information to make the purchase decision.

Soon the user will have a new experience with Microsoft AI shopping tools till then be excited about what is coming up shortly.

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