Exciting Summer Activities Ideas for Your Kids

Exciting Summer Activities Ideas for Your Kids

Summer break for kids is exciting as well as a stressful session for parents. While they can turn off the alarm for the period; the days are full of nagging complaints like – what do I do, I am bored and it is no fun anymore! To avoid the tantrums; most of the parents just hand over their mobile or switch on the TV – that brings the worst consequences.

Summer break can be a fun time both for parents and kids; if you know what you should do. There are so many activities that will help your child to have a better memory, reasoning ability, constructive skills, and imagination. Here are some of the hand-picked activity ideas that your kids will definitely love and you eventually love the summer break.

Here we have divided the activities – indoor and outdoor. While the indoor activities they can do at home; you can select the outdoor activities for the weekend when you have enough time to spend together.

Summer Outdoor Activities:

Make a Bird Feeder: Summer is the time to hear the music of birds chirping everywhere. If your kids love nature and art; then it is the best way to keep them engaged. You can make the bird feeder with old plastic bottles or egg crates or simple packing boxes. There are plenty of videos that will help them to make it. After making the bird feeder; just hang it from a tree or your balcony and enjoy a session of bird watching.
Bug Hunting: During summertime; different bugs crawl out to enjoy the sun. Your kids will love to know and identify them. Keep a clean glass jar and add some fresh leaves. You can prick little holes in the lid. Now ask your kids to collect colorful bugs to make a collection. After the observation; release them to the garden as well.
Pool Party: Transform your backyard into a fun-filled pool party for kids. Your kid can invite her friends for a playdate by the pool. Fill up the pool with water, and add some floating toys and lots of balls to the pool. You have to arrange some music for the kids as well. Keep the supply of snacks and juices handy so that there will be no moment of boredom at their party.

Summer Indoor Activities:

There are so many activities that your kids will love while avoiding the scorching heat of the sun. And best of all you don’t need expensive materials to make something engaging and interesting.

Make Their Own Castle: You know; all the children are gifted with a beautiful sense of imagination. You don’t need any fancy things to make their castle. Just pile up the pillow to make the walls and then cover them with bed sheets and the castle is ready. You can also use the cardboard boxes as well to make it more permanent. You can ask the kids to color their castles and decorate them to their taste. They can make a flag by themselves and hoist it on the castle.
Origami Time: For kids aged 8-10 years; origami is an excellent thing that will keep them engaged for a long time. Moreover, they will learn to make new things as well. There are plenty of books in the market and video tutorials are always there. Ask them to make things by themselves and obviously appreciate their efforts. To encourage them; you can gift those origami creations to their friends as well.
Treasure Hunt: It is an excellent idea for the kids over 10 years. You have to hide some treasures in some place in the home and write some puzzles to find them. Now ask your kid to hunt for the treasure with the help of the puzzle.
Movie Time: Have a family movie time that will bring everyone close together. If possible, move the usual sofa from where you watch the TV and arrange sleeping bags instead. Now watch together a movie with all the lights off. You can have some fairy lights around to make the ambiance. And don’t forget to fill up the bucket of popcorn before the show starts.

There are so many ways that you can keep your child engaged during the summer break. You can also ask to help them with the chores. Also, make them understand that they have to participate the daily activities as well. Every day, they just can’t expect something exceptional and exciting. Moreover, follow a routine so that the kids know what activities they can expect and what not. However, the most important part is to spend time with them because kids are changing too fast. Cherish the moments you have with her and know about her likings and preferences more.

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