Expert Analysis: Will Salman’s ‘Tiger 3’ Surpass SRK’s ‘Jawan’ and ‘Pathaan’ Earnings?

Expert Analysis: Will Salman's 'Tiger 3' Surpass SRK's 'Jawan' and 'Pathaan' Earnings?

Salman Khan’s ‘Tiger 3’ is undeniably one of the most highly anticipated films slated for release in 2023. Scheduled to hit the screens on Diwali, November 12, the film is gearing up to compete with Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Pathaan’ and ‘Jawan’ at the box office. Trade experts have weighed in on the prospects of ‘Tiger 3’ surpassing the collections of these significant predecessors.


An interesting decision has been made by the ‘Tiger 3’ team to release the film on a Sunday due to Diwali falling on that day this year. When contemplating the impact of a Sunday release, Vishek Chauhan, a prominent theater owner and trade expert, shared insights: “The film’s Sunday release is an unprecedented move. The anticipation from the audience is massive, and while the Diwali factor might slightly influence the collections, it’s expected that Salman’s fan base will turn out in huge numbers. Hence, the film’s release strategy aligns with the enormous demand, primarily catering to the dedicated fanbase. Anticipations stand at around Rs 45 to 50 crore on Diwali day and an upsurge to Rs 70 to 75 crore on Monday, post-Diwali. The film’s success is expected to soar through word of mouth, aiming for a business of over Rs 500 crore, considering its tremendous buzz.”


Examining the advanced bookings, Vishek forecasted, “The film’s advanced bookings opening on November 5 are poised to parallel the success of ‘Jawan’ or ‘Pathaan.’ International markets like the UK and the UAE have shown promising advances, indicating solid demand. As ‘Tiger 3’ approaches its release on Diwali, it is anticipated to witness one of the grandest days in Indian cinema history.


Trade expert Ramesh Bala expressed his high expectations for ‘Tiger 3’ as it is a holiday release and part of the celebrated YRF Spy franchise. The franchise’s track record, coupled with the well-received trailer, has heightened expectations for this Salman Khan starrer. Bala cited a benchmark of over Rs 50 crore net in India for the film, expected of major releases, and international earnings projected between Rs 75 to 90 crore, indicating a substantial worldwide performance.

He also highlighted the exceptional performance of ‘Pathaan’ and ‘Jawan’ and cautioned against assuming ‘Tiger 3’ would automatically follow suit. The film’s success in international markets, especially against Shah Rukh Khan’s strong overseas presence, remains a crucial watch. Notably, the movie stars Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, and Emraan Hashmi, with a special appearance by Shah Rukh Khan.

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