FIFA World Cup 2022 in controversial location – Qatar

In 2010, when FIFA awarded the Middle East County, QATAR the hosting rights of World Cup 2022, since then it has been in controversy because of allegations of corruption and human rights violations. The US Department of Justice has put allegations on the organization of World Cup 2022, that bribes have been paid to secure votes during the time of giving hosting rights of the tournament. These charges were rejected by Qatar’s Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy – which is responsible for the delivery of required infrastructure and the host country’s planning and operations.

Earlier Human Rights Group criticised QATAR for its treatment of migrant workers. The Football Association of 10 European Nations has asked FIFA to take action on migrant workers’ rights. In return, FIFA urged the World Cup teams to focus only on football in QATAR and not to drag sports into political issues. 

Also World Cup, 2022 is going to be held in a Muslim country QATAR, where there is strict control on alcohol. This brings a challenge for the organizers of the event, who are sponsored by a beer brand. Some players have also raised concerns for the fan, especially LGBT individuals and women travelling for the World Cup to QATAR, as Homosexuality is illegal in this country. In spite of such controversies, the World Cup organisers have said, no matter the background or sexual orientation, everyone is welcome during the tournament.

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