For uncovering ChatGPT bugs, OpenAI will reward users with up to Rs 16 lakh.

For uncovering ChatGPT bugs, OpenAI will reward users with up to Rs 16 lakh

The maker of ChatGPT, OpenAI, has unveiled a brand-new bug bounty program that will compensate users for finding errors in its artificial intelligence systems, particularly ChatGPT, its best-selling AI chatbot, up to $20,000 or Rs 16 Lakh. With a minimum payout of $200 for each vulnerability, the Bug Bounty program, which debuted on Tuesday, will award prizes based on the severity of the reported defects. So, the more hazardous the bug you uncover, the larger the payment. It’s a fantastic chance for programmers and ethical hackers to show off their prowess and walk away with a sizable pay cheque.

This action is not unusual in the IT sector, where lots of businesses have bug bounty schemes to entice programmers and ethical hackers to reveal flaws in their software. There are innumerable examples of people making millions of dollars by uncovering vulnerabilities in Facebook, WhatsApp, and other crucial programs. According to a Reuters story, OpenAI has asked researchers to examine some of ChatGPT’s features as well as the foundation for how its systems interact with one another and share information with external programs.

The program does not contain any inaccurate or malicious content generated by OpenAI systems, which is important to mention. The Bug Bounty program is intended to help OpenAI strengthen the security and dependability of its artificial intelligence systems. The current state of ChatGPT’s handling of user data is uncertain. Some days after ChatGPT was outlawed in Italy, OpenAI started its bug bounty program. It was prohibited in Italy due to a possible violation of privacy laws. Regulators in other European nations are now attentively examining generative AI services as a result of this.

Since its debut in November, ChatGPT has grown in popularity and impressed several users with its swift responses to inquiries. Yet, because of errors, it has also upset some people. The Bug Bounty program is intended to assist OpenAI’s artificial intelligence systems function better overall by addressing any problems that may arise. Overall, OpenAI’s Bug Bounty program is a step in the right direction toward enhancing the security and dependability of its AI systems. Since AI is used more often across a range of industries, it is crucial to make sure that these systems are safe and secure.

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