Google CEO Sundar Pichai view on AI taking away Software Coding Jobs

Google CEO Sundar Pichai view on AI taking away Software Coding Jobs

There are discussions going on regarding AI taking away human jobs since the launch of AI-powered chatbots like ChatGPT, BingAI, and Bard.The chatbots are enabled to write articles, evaluate codes, and create images based on the text inputs given. These capabilities have raised concern whether it may replace authors, software developers, and creators.

Pichai expressed his worries during his podcast with the New York Times but also emphasised the benefits of generative AI tools such as Bard and ChatGPT.

When Pichai was questioned whether it is a concern for the employment of Google Software engineers, he mentioned that all should adapt to technologies. He stated “I believe there will be a lot of societal adaptation with this one. And as part of that, we may all need to alter our paths.”

Pichai also highlights the positive aspects of these generative tools like some of the menial labor which is done as part of programming will improve and coding may become more enjoyable overtime. With the help of these collaborative Ids with the built-in assistance programming will be easier.

According to Pichai the generative AI tools will make programming more accessible to a wider range of individuals and would enable users to make new objects, and will lead to creating new roles.

Expansion of Google Bard to other countries is on hold and currently it is available to a restricted number of users in a few countries. Bard had an uneven start compared to Open AI’s Chat GPT or Microsoft’s Binge Chat. Google will further enhance its technology but is currently behind its rivals.

Pichai said that Bard will grow overtime. He also said that he is not shocked by the success of Open AI’s ChatGPT when asked if he is surprised by Open AI’s success. Even the company is following GPT2 and GPT3.

As per Pichai the LaMDA-powered Bard was used to organise his father’s 80th birthday and believes that these AI tools can inspire creativity.

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