Google Gemini Ultra now available: What is India price, and how can you use it

Google Gemini Ultra now available: What is India price, and how can you use it

Google announced a number of things on Thursday, including the rebranding of Bard as Gemini, the release of Gemini Advanced, and the introduction of a new standalone Gemini app for Android and iOS users. For those who are unaware of Gemini Advance, consider ChatGPT Plus. Subscription-based Gemini Advanced will function similarly to ChatGPT’s premium model. The Gemini Advanced is based on the Gemini Ultra, Google’s most sophisticated multimodal model.

Here’s a brief rundown of the most recent developments in the Google-Bard-Gemini universe before we get into more depth about Gemini Advance. 

  • Gemini, Google’s AI multimodal model, is available in three sizes and was just announced. There are three versions of Google’s Gemini software: Nano, Pro, and Ultra. 
  • Nano is primarily for on-device tasks, while Pro scales across a wider range of tasks and is slightly more efficient than Nano. 
  • According to the company, Gemini Ultra is the largest and most capable version of Gemini and can handle “very complex tasks.” 
  • Users can currently access Gemini Nano and Gemini Pro through Bard.

However, the business wished to simplify matters somewhat. Therefore, Bard will now be called Gemini to “reflect the advanced tech at its core,” the company announced on February 8. The tool can be accessed online in forty different languages, and it will soon be available via the Google app for iOS and the new Gemini app for Android smartphones.

What is Gemini Ultra?

Google recently announced some changes, one of which being the renaming of Gemini Ultra to Gemini Advanced. According to Google, the Advanced version is “able to collaborate creatively, follow instructions, reason, and code.”

Gemini Advance price in India

Google One AI Premium, which starts at Rs 1,950 per month for Indian users, allows access to Gemini Advance. But users will also receive 2TB of storage and access to Gemini—previously known as Duet AI—across Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, and other platforms—along with Google Advance with this subscription.

How to use Gemini Advance

Anyone with a Google One AI Premium plan subscription can use Gemini Advanced. The popular Google One service, which starts at Rs 130 per month in India and offers more storage and special product features, is built upon the new AI Premium plan.

Users of Gemini Advance, now known as Gemini for Workspace, will have access to features like Help me Write, which is powered by Duet AI. Essentially, this means that users of Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and other workspace apps will have access to the features of Gemini Ultra through their Gemini Advance subscription.

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