Google Introduces Gemini Pro for Company Partnerships, Launches Imagen 2

Google Introduces Gemini Pro for Company Partnerships, Launches Imagen 2

Google, a pioneer in technological innovation, has recently opened the doors to its powerful large language model, Gemini Pro, offering developers and companies a suite of AI tools, models, and infrastructure. Gemini Pro, introduced a few days ago, has already demonstrated its prowess by surpassing ChatGPT in various benchmark tests, showcasing remarkable capabilities in text, reasoning, math, and code.

Here are some cool things you can experience with it:

Gemini Pro API, accessible through Google Cloud Vertex AI, allows developers to leverage its 32K context window for text, promising larger windows in future releases. The Software Development Kits (SDKs) available in multiple coding languages broaden the horizons for application development. While the current version is free within certain usage limits, competitive pricing is expected in the future. Additionally, Google has rolled out Imagen 2, an upgraded text-to-image diffusion tool, as part of the Vertex AI ecosystem. Imagen 2, developed using Google DeepMind technology, promises improved image quality and comes equipped with various features that enhance image customization.

Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge capabilities of Imagen 2:
  • Precision Personified: Imagen 2 creates crisp and clear images based on text input.
  • Multilingual Magic: Accurate rendering of words in various languages onto images.
  • Branding Brilliance: Crafting logos for companies and products seamlessly integrated into images.
  • Insightful Imagery: Answering queries about image content and generating detailed captions.
  • Language Diversity: Multilingual support, including Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, English, and Spanish, with more languages in the pipeline.
  • Safety and Privacy Prioritized: Imagen 2 incorporates features ensuring responsible and secure image creation, aligned with Google’s guidelines. It also offers legal protection for customers against copyright or ownership issues related to the images produced.

Big players like Snap, Shutterstock, and Canva are already harnessing the capabilities of Imagen 2 for diverse applications. For instance, Snap utilizes Imagen 2 to help users craft shareable scenes, while Shutterstock converts text into compelling visuals for storytelling. Canva empowers its users to effortlessly create stunning images. If you’re eager to explore these groundbreaking technologies, Google invites you to try Gemini Pro and Imagen 2.

Gemini Pro is currently accessible through the Gemini API, and Imagen 2 is available for Vertex AI customers on the allow list. In the ever-evolving landscape of AI and image generation, Google’s Gemini Pro and Imagen 2 stand out as exceptional tools, setting new benchmarks and providing users with unprecedented capabilities. As these technologies continue to mature, the future holds exciting possibilities for developers, enterprises, and creative minds alike.

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