Google launches .meme domain to let users create internet’s funniest websites

Google launches .meme domain to let users create internet's funniest websites

Google has created something truly amazing. They established the .meme domain, a brand-new location on the internet. Memes are all the funny, fascinating, and relatable things in one special place. These are the images or videos that go viral and are shared widely on the internet.

A new top-level domain, .meme, has surfaced in honor of the internet’s beloved memes. This new digital platform, which unites several websites devoted to these viral online sensations, is poised to become the center of attention for everything related to memes.

The .meme domain launch took place this week, with Google Registry announcing six partners—some of which have staked their claim with adorable cat-themed websites,

Know Your Meme, the go-to resource for the most recent meme trends, has revealed their new locations on and These websites guarantee to stay up to date on the rapidly changing landscape of online culture.

The massive fashion and lifestyle brand 10PM Curfew joined in as well, fusing humor, cultural vibes, and style on their and, resulting in a fascinating fusion of humor and style.

A space on, shared by artist Rudy Willingham, allows anyone to print meme stickers and take these online jokes offline.

Other participants in revolution include License.Meme, a leading marketplace for licensing well-known memes, and, which counsels brands on meme-based content strategies.

Tenor, a company that specializes in GIFs and memes, launched and to make the process of finding and making memes easier and to give anyone the ability to express themselves via these goofy online phenomena.

Not to be overlooked are the online cat celebrities! The essence of cat-themed memes can be found at,, and, respectively, where Grumpy Cat, Keyboard Cat, and Nyan Cat have found their forever homes.

Commencing right away .Meme are available for purchase during an Early Access Period (EAP) that ends on December 5th. The fees for obtaining them vary daily. Following this time frame, these domains will be offered by different registrars for a base yearly fee.

With the help of these internet phenomena, meme enthusiasts will be able to share relatable moments, capture complex emotions, revel in randomness, and even spark social movements on this new domain.

The .meme domain aims to be a thriving artistic environment where memes—which are funny, absurd, and often contagious—can flourish in a specialized online space.

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