Google’s new feature to detect AI-generated fake images

Google’s new feature to detect AI-generated fake images

Google and Microsoft these days are continuously incorporating AI-based features in their respective products and services. AI-powered services have received a mixed response from their users. Wherein some users think this technological advancement to be a blessing whereas some users have raised their concerns as these advancements can be used to spread misinformation.

Recently, fake images that have been generated using AI are getting circulated on the internet and at times it is difficult to differentiate them from the real ones. Keeping this concern in mind last week Google announced its new tool that is enabled to tell this difference.

‘About this image’ will help users

In a blog, post-Google specified a study that was conducted in 2022 by Poynter according to that survey 62% of users know the fact that they are exposed to misinformation either on a daily basis or weekly basis. The users can check the authenticity of the content that they came across in Google searches with the help of different tools that are offered by the Tech giant. The tools help the users to spot misinformation, evaluate the content, and understand the intent behind the said content in a better way. Google understands the importance of evaluating visual content as well that they came across through Google searches.

How will the tool function

The users will get to know the authenticity of the image through the background information that Google will provide. The tool will determine when the said image was indexed by Google to determine when it appeared at first and where else can we find the same image online

By clicking on the three dots on the image that will appear as a result of a Google search a user can find the tool. The tool can be used when an image is searched through screenshots in Google Lens or if the user needs some information about the image. Later this year Google will introduce this tool to the users. With a right-click or long-press on the image, chrome users can make use of this tool on their desktop or mobile.

AI-generated image identification

Google promises and assured users that every AI-generated image will have a markup in the original file. The image generators are also enabled to add the same markup files so that users can identify AI-generated images in Google search. These markups will be visible from other image publishers like Midjourney, Shutterstock, and more.

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