Identify your Skin with Google Lens’s new feature

Identify your Skin with Google Lens’s new feature

The Tech giant Google is constantly improvising on technologies to improve things and give the user a better experience. According to the latest reports, there is an add-on feature by Google and also it has enhanced the capabilities of its computer vision-powered app – Google Lens. Google Lens app is about quick image search, translations and giving information about the picture clicked using the smartphone device.

Now, Google Lens has become so advanced that it can identify the condition of your skin. One can upload their pictures and Google Lens will identify the moles and rashes. This feature is a technological breakthrough as millions will be benefitted as people will be able to locate skin conditions that may be difficult to diagnose like hair loss, lip bumps and more. The disclaimer to this feature is that it should not be considered a substitute for professional medical diagnosis.

The AI-powered app to identify the condition of skin and hair was launched by Google in the year 2021. Though the added new feature is not similar to the previous version, it will provide assistance to its users as to whether to go for medical advice or go for over-the-counter medicines. This latest AI development has raised the question of whether AI-based medical advice can affect the medical sciences. People can easily and quickly identify their condition with the help of Google Lens because of the spread of internet connectivity and the use of smartphones. This could probably impact professional medical consultancy, diagnosis and treatment. While having the conversation with Google Bard chatbot users can include images that can be assessed by Google Lens and the Chatbot will respond accordingly.

In the year 2021, a Derm Assist app was launched at Google I/O from Google Health to assist in skin search and help users to analyse their skin concerns. Three pictures were uploaded by the users from their respective phones or computers and answered a few questions related to the pictures. The app then analysed the skin conditions of the photos based on millions of skin-related images.

The blog uploaded by the company stated “Trained using millions of skin images, DermAssist can identify more than 90 per cent of the most commonly searched-for skin conditions, and research demonstrates that the underlying technology can help clinicians better identify skin conditions across all populations.”

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