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If brands don’t spend at least Rs 81,000 on advertisements each month, they risk losing their gold tick on Twitter

Elon Musk stated more than two months ago that the majority of his sponsors were back on Twitter and that they had resolved all concerns’. He also appointed Linda Yaccarino, who is known as one of the top advertising executives in the industry, as Twitter’s new CEO. It goes without saying that Musk’s leadership saw a decline in Twitter’s advertising revenue, and he is making significant efforts to turn the situation around. Furthermore, according to recent rumors, Musk may intend to compel companies to spend at least $1,000 USD per month on Twitter advertisements in order to retain their gold verification badge.

According to a Business Insider report that was originally attributed to the Wall Street Journal, starting on August 7, businesses using Musk’s platform will lose their gold checkmark if they don’t spend at least USD 1,000 (roughly Rs 81,000) or USD 6,000 (roughly Rs 4.9 lakh) on advertising in 60 days or 180 days, respectively. Brands are being informed of this new change by a message sent to advertisers that was seen by Wall Street Journal. Additionally, Twitter (now known as X) will purportedly provide discounts of up to 50% on some advertisements.

For businesses to maintain their Twitter gold verification badge, a monthly cost of USD 1,000 is already required. Through a blog post, the new Twitter verification measures for businesses were unveiled in January of this year.

In accordance with Musk’s goal of building a “everything app” that enables users to do far more than just share their ideas with the world, Twitter was rebranded to X earlier this week. We all noticed the company’s distinctive blue bird emblem being replaced by the futuristic X as a result of the rebranding, which seemed to happen out of the blue. In a message to staff members, Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino cautioned them not to take the X rebranding lightly.

In addition, Twitter is now the default destination for users of the domain, and the company’s official account there is also called X. What’s happening, which appears in the bio, is a question that perhaps every Twitter user is asking these days.As previously noted, from October 2022, there has been much anticipation for the creation of X. Musk had stated on the microblogging site shortly after purchasing Twitter that the platform’s acquisition served as an “accelerator” for the development of his all-encompassing application, X.

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