In 2025, Meta might introduce its first smartwatch and display-equipped smart glasses

According to buzz, Meta intends to introduce its first set of smart glasses with a display paired with a smartwatch with a neural interface in 2025. Additionally, the business intends to release its first set of fully functional augmented reality (AR) glasses in 2027. According to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, these glasses will eventually become as common as cell phones. The Reality Labs subsidiary of Meta disclosed the specifics with thousands of employees on Tuesday at a roadmap presentation of its AR and VR initiatives.

According to the report, the third generation of smart glasses will ship in 2025 with a display that Alex Himel, the company’s vice president for augmented reality, referred to as a “viewfinder” for viewing incoming text messages, scanning QR codes, and translating text from another language in real-time. The glasses will also contain a “neural interface” band that will enable the user to operate them with hand motions, such as swiping fingers across a fictitious D-pad. The user will eventually be able to utilize a virtual keyboard and type as quickly as a mobile phone, according to him, the report added.

A new “top-level” product team will be established by the company, according to Mark Zuckerberg, and it will be “focused” on generative AI (AI). Zuckerberg said on Facebook, “We’re forming a new top-level product division at Meta focused on generative AI to accelerate our efforts in this field. In order to integrate engaging experiences around this technology into all of our many products, “we’re starting by bringing together a lot of the teams working on generative AI across the organization.”

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