IndiGo introduces ChatGPT-based AI chatbot for queries, ticket booking

IndiGo introduces ChatGPT-based AI chatbot for queries, ticket booking

One of the major airlines, IndiGo, recently introduced 6Eskai, an AI chatbot. Superintelligent GPT-4 technology is used by this chatbot. The primary objective? To assist travelers by providing ten different language answers to their inquiries. Not only that, but it also allows users to purchase tickets for flights on any route within the airline’s network.

According to an airline representative, IndiGo’s digital team built this new chatbot entirely in-house. They collaborated closely with Microsoft to launch this amazing technology. The spokesperson claims that the airline is very excited about this AI chatbot.

IndiGo is among the first airlines in this region of the world to use cutting-edge AI to facilitate travel for customers, all thanks to this new technology. The spokesman reported that following a soft launch, customer service agent workload fell by an astounding 75%. This bot appears to be very effective!

The AI bot is really amazing. Its enormous 1.7 trillion parameters enable it to readily respond to a wide range of frequently asked questions. The intelligent data scientists at IndiGo trained the bot to behave like a human by looking at something called generative pretrained transformers (GPT). Passengers’ conversations will be more enjoyable thanks to its ability to comprehend emotions and even crack jokes.

The spokesperson added that 6Eskai is capable of a great deal of tasks, including booking tickets, taking advantage of discounts, adding extras to bookings, managing web check-ins, assisting with seat selection, organizing travel, responding to frequently asked questions, and, in an emergency, even setting up passengers to speak with a live person. Furthermore, it is capable of understanding spoken words in addition to reading written communications!

Senior Vice President of ifly and Customer Experience at IndiGo, Summi Sharma, is ecstatic about 6Eskai. In her opinion, travelers will greatly benefit from this intelligent chat assistant, which will provide them with quick, tailored assistance whenever they need it. Sharma thinks this demonstrates how committed IndiGo is to leveraging cutting-edge technology to improve everyone’s travel experience.

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