Infosys introduces free AI certificates to assist people in learning skills for AI-related jobs

Infosys has introduced a free artificial intelligence (AI) certification training program to assist learners in developing their careers and skill sets in order to land the ideal job. The free AI course is available on the Infosys Springboard Virtual Learning Platform, along with several other AI-related certification courses. An introductory course on AI and Generative AI, focused on deep learning and natural language processing, as well as a master class on AI and the impact of Generative AI, are among the courses offered.

According to Infosys, the company’s AI-first specialists and data strategists, who are in charge of delivering Infosys Topaz AI-first services, solutions, and platforms, will contribute to the curriculum of these courses. Their knowledge will ensure that students are prepared for the future. Infosys goes on to say that its Infosys Springboard Virtual Learning Platform would offer certification in AI and Generative AI abilities, which are critical for landing jobs. The certification program will include a wide range of courses on AI-related issues. These courses offer an introduction to AI as well as Generative AI, with a focus on deep learning and natural language processing. There will also be a masterclass on AI and the impact of Generative AI.

Furthermore, Infosys will offer a customized course on ‘Citizens Data Science,’ which will cover many aspects of the data science profession. Python programming, linear algebra, probability and statistics, and exploratory data analysis will all be covered in this course. Learners will receive a certificate after successfully completing the course.The Infosys Springboard, in particular, is a virtual platform that provides a curriculum-rich learning experience. It offers corporate-level learning experiences, and students can access online classes from any device. The platform fosters deeper communication between educators and students, and it caters to students ranging from Class 6 to lifetime learners.

“It provides a holistic set of courses, developed in collaboration with world-leading digital educators like Coursera and Harvard Business Publishing, and is delivered free through Infosys CSR commitment to empowering 10 million-plus people with digital skills by 2025.” It is completely consistent with India’s National Education Policy 2020,” according to Infosys’ official website. “Nearly 400,000 learners and 300+ education institutions, NGOs, and support groups are already onboard Infosys Springboard,” the company adds. Thirumala Arohi, SVP and Head-Education, Training, and Assessment at Infosys, said of the courses, “We firmly believe that AI proficiency will give young aspirants and professionals a competitive advantage in a dynamic and demanding job market.”

Notably, AI has taken the tech industry by storm, particularly since the unveiling of OpenAI’s AI-powered chatbot, ChatGPT. AI has become a vital component of people’s personal and professional lives in the last several months. While some people see AI as a threat to jobs, many professionals believe that AI will not replace humans and that humans will instead learn to coexist with AI. Furthermore, individuals that learn how to work with AI will excel in the future. As a result, Infosys’ new AI course is undoubtedly focused at supporting the AI transformation and building the capabilities required in the next few years.

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