Instagram gives users a chance to boost their account’s reach, introduces Add Yours template for stories

Instagram gives users a chance to boost their account's reach, introduces Add Yours template for stories

There is no doubt that Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps available, and users are constantly looking for new ways to increase the reach of their accounts. Using the right hashtags, posting about trending topics, and scheduling a post for a specific time of day are all well-known tricks that people employ in the hope of increasing engagement on their posts. And now, the social media platform has introduced a feature that may just help some people get that extra boost. Say hello to the Add Yours Story template.

Instagram introduces Add Yours template for stories

Instagram has added a new feature that allows users to customize “Add Yours” templates for their Stories. Users can add the Add Yours sticker to their stories so that other users can add their own stories and share them with others. Users who view these Stories will be able to see all user-posted stories under the sticker.

Upload a Story and use various elements such as GIFs, custom text, or images from your gallery to get started with this new Add Yours template. After you’ve finished customizing your Story, simply tap the “Add Yours Templates” sticker. You can then select which elements you want to pin in place. 

The majority of Instagram users already have access to the feature, which builds on the interactive Add Yours sticker, which was introduced in 2021.

Instagram has been steadily improving interactive features, such as the July launch of a “template browser” for Reels, which allows users to discover and customize premade templates for their videos.

When Instagram unveiled Video Notes

Instagram recently introduced a feature that allowed users to add videos to their Notes. Previously, Notes could only send text-based updates, similar to AIM status messages. The new feature, on the other hand, allowed users to add short video clips with text captions.

People will be able to use the feature to add short videos to Notes in a similar manner to adding text or audio notes. However, the video Note will have a two-second loop limit, preventing it from replacing Instagram Stories’ video-sharing functionality.

Instagram had previously introduced a new feature that enabled users to create AI-generated photo backdrops for their stories. The AI media  editing tool, known as “backdrop,” was first made available to users in the United States.

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