Instagram introduces its BeReal competitor

Instagram over the period has worked on transparency and has added several new features that benefit the creators as well as their audiences. Coming to the end of this year, Instagram has already announced features like Note, Candid Stories, Group Profiles, and Collaborative collections to create better collaboration and conversions.

Instagram is trying to move beyond pictures and movies with one of its new features: Note. The short post can be composed using up to 60 characters containing letters, numbers, and emojis. This will appear at the top of the inboxes of selected followers or your closed circle of people for only 24 hours.

Instagram has come up with Candid Stories which is quite similar to a photo sharing application BeReal which got popular in 2022. Candid will allow the users to capture what is going on at that moment but will only appear if shared. Instagram will send a notification to use the candid daily which can be turned off in the settings menu.

With its upcoming group profile, Instagram allows users to share their life easier with specific people. One can share images and videos only to a dedicated group of people which is separated from one’s profile.

Through Collaborative collections, a user can save posts in a collection with other users or friends. 

An Instagram user only needs to update the app to access new and exciting features of Notes, Candid Stories, Group Profiles, and Collaborative Collections

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