IPL Highlight: MS Doni’s Fans became suspicious after his “Farewell” remark

IPL Highlight: MS Doni’s Fans became suspicious after his “Farewell” remark

MS Dhoni is an asset for the team Chennai Super Kings (CSK) even at 41 years of age.

CSK was the 4-time champion of the Indian Premier League and defeated Kolkata Knight Riders(KKR) in a league match in 2023.

Though Dhoni as a batsman could not contribute much to the team rather as a captain and as a wicketkeeper, he was phenomenal and had left a huge impact. The comment on “Farewell” that Dhoni made recently after the match left his fans worried and has been taken as a hint as “Thala” last IPL season.

Every season the fans are speculating whether they are seeing their super player for the last time in the CSK jersey. After the game against KKR, Dhoni admitted that he is in the last phase of his career and remarked “Farewell”.

In the post-match presentation ceremony, Dhoni said that “I will just say thanks for the support, they came in big numbers. Most of these guys will come in a KKR jersey next time. They are trying to give me a farewell, so thanks a lot to the crowd.”

Dhoni mentioned that he is astonished by the performance of his bowling and batting units this season so far.

According to him, fast bowlers are performing well and so are the spinners in the middle. As the wicket was short on one side there was a need for early wickets to raise the pressure. Though there were plenty of power hitters, still the opponents needed to be respected. Doni believes that if one is injured he is unable to perform.

One needs to move on and motivate other young players to perform and the team is fortunate to have performing players. For Rahane he said that the team can realize one’s potential if he is allowed to bat the way the player wants to. The team should give the player the necessary freedom and the best possible position.

Doni said that in a team environment, someone has to sacrifice his slot to allow the others to get more comfortable, for the success of the team.

After the win over KKR, in the points table CSK has gone to the top of the IPL 2023 points table with 5 wins in 7 matches.

For more details on IPL 2023 points table visit: https://bit.ly/40wYgk3

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