Israel’s Defense Minister Declares End to Hamas Rule in Gaza After 16-Year Reign

Israel's Defense Minister Declares End to Hamas Rule in Gaza After 16-Year Reign

In a significant development, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant announced on Monday that after 16 years of governance, Hamas has lost control of the Gaza Strip. Gallant emphasized this shift, stating that individuals associated with the organization are withdrawing, and civilians are reportedly taking charge of former Hamas strongholds. While no concrete evidence was presented, Gallant highlighted the apparent erosion of faith in the government among the population.

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas originated on October 7 when Hamas militants initiated attacks on Israeli towns. In response, Israel launched a counteroffensive, marking the beginning of a war that has, to date, claimed 11,240 lives in Gaza, including the tragic loss of 4,630 children. The Defense Minister’s assertion aligns with the Israeli campaign initiated last month, involving both airstrikes and a ground assault.

The relentless Israeli military offensive has led to a dire humanitarian crisis, leaving two-thirds of Gaza’s population homeless. Responding to the escalating conflict, Israel issued a drastic directive mandating the complete evacuation of the northern half of Gaza, urging civilians to relocate for their safety. Amid the ongoing ground invasion, thousands evacuated Gaza’s largest hospital over the weekend as Israeli troops encircled it. The hospital faces a critical situation marked by a lack of essential resources, including electricity, water, food, medicines, and equipment, posing a severe threat to the lives of newborns and underlining the urgency of addressing the unfolding crisis.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has unequivocally stated that considerations for a ceasefire hinge on the release of more than 240 hostages taken by Hamas during the initial attacks on October 7. The situation in Gaza is at a crucial point in the long-standing conflict. The Israeli Defense Minister’s statement indicates a possible change in the balance of power in the region. The international community is closely watching as the humanitarian crisis worsens, making it more challenging to find a resolution.

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